Creative, Determined Criminal Defense Attorney In Charleston, SC

Banner Bad things do happen to good people. Criminal convictions give you a permanent criminal record, which will show up on background checks for housing, work and educational applications well into your future. If you're convicted, it may prevent you from owning firearms, and it may seriously affect your financial situation.

Don't Surrender Your Future To The Scales Of Justice

Your future is in the balance. Just because you were arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving, committing a drug crime or other criminal act, it doesn't mean that you have to just let the state or county have its way with you. A top criminal defense and DUI attorney in Charleston can protect your freedoms.

At Drennan Law Firm, our Charleston criminal defense lawyers are committed to our clients' best possible defense from day one. We are responsive to our clients' needs, and we will get to work for you as soon as you call us.

Your Case Can Be Defended — We Will Fight For You

The evidence against you might be strong, but does it prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty? Prosecutors almost always overcharge and underdeliver on the proof, in the hopes that you won't get a good criminal defense lawyer.

The charges you face can be greatly reduced with the right defense lawyer in your corner.

  • You can avoid jail time.
  • We can minimize the costly penalties that you face.
  • We can protect your driving privileges.
  • We can protect your reputation.
  • You have a future, and it can be won.