What if I Blew Over the Legal Limit?

Blowing over the legal limit is not the end of the world. An experienced DUI defense lawyer in South Carolina can build compelling arguments and evidence to show the unreliability of DUI breath tests.

  • The Breathalyzer test result is not admissible as evidence in court.
  • The DataMaster DMT test result (from the machine at the police station) has its own flaws, which our experienced attorneys are familiar with.

Your guilt cannot be determined by a breath test even though penalties for a DUI conviction are based on breath test results.

Your driver's license may have been suspended immediately after your arrest on suspicion of DUI, but we can work to get your license reinstated or get you a provisional license, even while your case is pending.

It is important to take quick action against DUI charges. You only have 30 days to request an implied consent hearing, in which you may challenge your driver's license suspension. Successfully challenging the suspension and regaining driving privileges take the solid legal work of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

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