Can I Get a Job After a DUI?

Getting a Job After a DUI

If you are convicted of drinking and driving, your prospects/opportunities will be greatly reduced.

  • After a DUI conviction, getting a job as a truck, bus or commercial vehicle driver is probably not likely because your commercial driver's license will be suspended.
  • Getting a job in many other professions is possible.

You will be at a considerable disadvantage with a DUI conviction on your permanent record. Nearly every employer will perform a criminal background check before hiring you, and a DUI conviction is a criminal conviction in South Carolina.

It is critical that you retain strong legal defense representation if you have been arrested on suspicion of DUI.

At Drennan Law Firm, we will help clients throughout the Charleston area reduce the charges they face and protect their freedoms. Getting a felony DUI reduced to a misdemeanor or getting a misdemeanor DUI reduced to a non-moving violation, reckless driving or other charge can make a world of difference for your future and your job prospects.

We have successfully reduced the charges that many of our clients face (and sometimes get cases dismissed entirely), protect clients' driving privileges and guard their reputations.

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