Distracted Driving Accidents In South Carolina: An Epidemic

Almost all of us have done it: Behind the wheel, traffic all around, but it's sometimes impossible to resist the temptation to check that text or email. Often the temptation is due to important information or even checking the map to know where we're going. But even if the reasons are good, it's always dangerous.

Too many people have been hurt or killed due to smartphone use and other forms of distracted driving. At Drennan Law Firm, we serve clients in Charleston, Mount Pleasant and throughout the state who have been harmed in auto accidents of all kinds, especially distracted driver accidents. We also serve out-of-state clients throughout the nation who were hurt in accidents in South Carolina while visiting the state. Our attorneys fight aggressively to help our clients get the financial compensation they deserve.

A Serious Problem

In 2016, more than 1,000 people died in South Carolina due to auto accidents, and the state boasts the third worst drivers in the entire nation. But the problem is not limited to South Carolina. In fact, accidents involving fatalities were up 7 percent in 2016. 1

Experts seem to agree that the state and national increase in accidents can be directly attributed to the increase in smartphone use while driving.

Get The Help You Need

If you have been injured — or if someone you love has been killed — as a result of another driver texting or checking email when their attention should have been on the road, you need help. Although there are new laws and regulations coming out throughout the country to limit and stop cellphone use while driving, these will not help you if you have been victimized by this dangerous behavior.

The only thing you can do is fight back. Make sure you're not the one who has to absorb the financial burden of medical bills, lost wages and other damages you have sustained. At Drennan Law Firm, our lawyers will use our knowledge and experience to help you get compensation for all of your losses for the rest of your life.

Uncovering Distracted Driving — Contact Us Today

In many cases, our lawyers can track cellphone records to the time of the accident to determine whether the other driver was indeed working with a phone while driving.

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