How Long Do I Have To File An Injury Claim In South Carolina?

There are many reasons why people don't file lawsuits. Sometimes auto accident victims think they can handle their own claim. Others might think their injuries aren't serious enough to bring a claim. However, the worst reason for not bringing a claim is missing the opportunity.

There is a limit to the time you can wait before filing a personal injury or auto accident claim. If you do not file the claim in time, you will lose your right to compensation.

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What Is The Time Limit For Filing A Claim In South Carolina?

In South Carolina, you have to file a personal injury claim within three years of the time your injuries occurred. 1

Reasons For Urgency

Although three years seems like a long time, there are a few important reasons to get your claim started right away:

  • Three years is less time than you might think: You would be surprised how fast three years can go. Especially after a serious accident, you will be working toward recovering and finding ways to cover your medical expenses. Then, assuming you have recovered enough to return to work, you will be catching up with your life and as you get busy with life's demands, it's easy to let your time window come and go before you know it.
  • A lot happens in the early stages after an accident: One of the most pressing issues after an accident is your medical care. You will need to cover the costs of the medical care you receive. The insurance company agent will be calling you very shortly after your accident, and will most likely make a settlement offer. You will need good counsel to decide whether this is a good offer.
  • Early intervention is essential for building your case: Evidence at the accident scene and eyewitness testimony will be less valuable over time. It is critical to get started on your case as soon as possible, before the evidence disappears and witness forgets what happened or become unavailable.

Even though three years seems like a long time, talk with a lawyer right away. There is a lot of value in getting your case started early.

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