Out-Of-State Injuries And Tourist Accidents

If you're reading this page, it is likely that your visit to South Carolina involved some kind of significant auto accident. Unfortunately, when someone from out of state is injured in an accident here, they might be reluctant to pursue a legal claim, especially if they live a significant distance from South Carolina.

At Drennan Law Firm in Charleston and Mount Pleasant we serve clients from all over the country who have been injured in auto accidents in our state. Our attorneys know how to handle these cases, so we can take care of your legal concerns with minimal travel on your part.

South Carolina: A Dangerous Place To Drive

Although we love South Carolina and it's a beautiful place to live, we do not have the best record for driving. In fact, South Carolina has the third worst drivers in the country and the most auto accident fatalities per capita than any other state. 1

From our most dangerous roadways to the distracted driving epidemic, auto accidents are all too frequent. Big rig and other work truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and pedestrian accidents occur frequently here.

The Importance Of Local Representation For Tourist Injuries

One of the most important ingredients for success in a motor vehicle accident claim is knowledge. Having easier access to the facts of the case and experience in the local courts gives a local firm an important edge in litigation. Also, a local firm with boots on the ground can handle all of the casework leading up to a possible trial or the local settlement negotiations.

The lawyers of Drennan Law Firm know how to handle litigation for tourist accidents. We will help you get full compensation for the injuries and losses from your accident.

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1 http://www.thestate.com/news/business/article136826168.html