Recreational Injuries And Accidents

South Carolina is a great place to live or to visit, with wonderful weather, amazing sights and a lot of recreational opportunities. However, any recreational activity — whether boating, four-wheeling or even cross-country driving vacations — involves some degree of danger. If you have been hurt in some type of recreational activity, you need to work with an experienced lawyer to make sure you obtain compensation for your losses.

At Drennan Law Firm, our attorneys help people who have been hurt in all types of recreational activities. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, our lawyers fight aggressively to make sure our clients obtain full and fair compensation for the injuries they have suffered. We represent clients in Mount Pleasant, Charleston and the surrounding areas of South Carolina, as well as people from out of state who have suffered accidents while engaging in recreational activities.

Boating Accidents

Our attorneys represent clients from anywhere who have been hurt in our state in boating accidents. With the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Marian and Lake Moultrie all in our vicinity, boating accidents are common in this area.

Most boating accidents involve either some kind of error from another boater or a malfunction in the boat itself. Depending on the circumstances, our attorneys can bring a claim against the other boater involved or against someone involved with the creation of the boat itself to find the appropriate source of compensation.

Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Four-wheelers, dirt bikes and other vehicles can be great fun, but they're not terribly safe. Our attorneys represent clients who have suffered all types of injuries using recreational vehicles.

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