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DUI enforcement is extensive and aggressive in South Carolina. Your DUI attorney not only must be well-versed in the law, but must be aggressive as well. Ideally, your lawyer should have years of experience, with a strong track record of successful case outcomes.

Attorneys Handling DUI/DWI Charges Throughout South Carolina

Have you been caught up in South Carolina's "Sober or Slammer" anti-DUI/DWI campaign? Were you arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol because you were snagged in a so-called sobriety checkpoint or field sobriety test trap? Did police consider you guilty before investigating the facts simply because you had alcohol on your breath? Were you subjected to a breath test? Is "buzzed driving" really drunk driving, as the publicity campaign states?

Protect Your Driving Privileges And Avoid A DUI Conviction

Get your driver's license back now! Drennan Law Firm wins tough DUI cases occurring in Charleston and elsewhere. Our caseload includes tough felony DUI arrests. Drennan Law Firm is prepared to put up a fair and effective fight on your behalf. Our criminal defense attorneys take on tough DUI cases and win. We have extensive experience with DUI laws. From our law offices in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, we aggressively represent people throughout the region and elsewhere in the state who have been charged with DUI. We invite you to contact our law firm to schedule a free consultation with one of our South Carolina DUI lawyers.

A Drunk Driving Arrest Does Not Equate To A Guilty Verdict!

One of the first topics of discussion during your free consultation is a review of this simple truth as it relates to your drunk driving arrest:

Being stopped or arrested or charged with driving under the influence of alcohol does not mean you have been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not against the law to drink and then drive. Rather, it is against the law to drive while appreciably impaired: mentally, physically and materially. A prosecutor has the burden of proof as to your impairment. An effective DUI defense attorney takes up the challenge of protecting your rights through all phases of a drunk driving case.

You may believe that you "failed" a sobriety test because a police officer insinuated as much before arresting you. In fact, ordinary people routinely make common mistakes while performing ordinary actions during sobriety tests. A poor outcome during a sobriety test is not the equivalent of a guilty DUI verdict in a court of law.

Contact A South Carolina Drunk Driving Defense Attorney; Stay Out Of Jail

Do not let a police officer imply that your case is a sealed, slam dunk conviction before you have had your day in court. A strong defense in a DWI/DUI case begins with a carefully prepared appearance in an administrative hearing before the Department of Public Safety. Stop worrying and get your defense underway today.

Our experienced Charleston DUI lawyers welcome the opportunity to evaluate your case, with no further obligation unless you choose to proceed. Reach out to our law firm today about your DUI arrest to get the legal advice you need. Call 843-352-4149 or send an email inquiry to request a free consultation.