Roadblocks & DUI Checkpoints in South Carolina

Arrested at a SC DUI Checkpoint?

How aggressive is DUI enforcement in South Carolina? Police officers across the state have been setting up DUI checkpoint traps for years. If you've been arrested on suspicion of DUI in the Charleston area, you could benefit greatly from the representation and legal guidance of an experienced and tireless DUI defense attorney who knows how to protect your rights, driving privileges and record.

Don't assume you're guilty. People under the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit fail breath tests and field sobriety tests regularly. Get a lawyer who can defend your case and your future.

Challenging The Prosecution — Standing Up For Your Rights

At Drennan Law Firm, we fight for our clients. We pick apart the case the prosecution has built against our client, and we minimize the consequences and charges. If we cannot get the charges against you dismissed, we will do everything in our power to reduce the charges.

We don't treat you like a number. Our team commits to passionate advocacy for your best possible outcome and vigorous protection of your rights through the legal process and into the future.

Did Police Officers Follow Proper Procedure At The Roadblock or DUI Checkpoint?

Each time police set up a roadblock, they need to obtain legal permission from a judge. The evidence against you could be thrown out if they didn't.

Police officers also need to properly administer breath tests and field sobriety tests.

Breath test machines are unreliable. The portable roadside testing device (Breathalyzer) is only meant to give police officers an idea of your BAC. With strong representation, this evidence won't stand up in court.

The breath test administered at the police station is done using a machine called the DataMaster DMT. Our attorneys are experienced at evaluating the accuracy of this machine, and often challenge its results.

Even if your BAC test result was high, you may still have a defense and legal options. In many cases, people with gastric reflux, dental work, certain medications, diabetes, asthma and certain diets can get skewed results. Environmental factors and certain molecules in the air or in your lungs at the time of the test can skew your results.

Field sobriety tests are known to be unreliable. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which introduced the tests several years ago, now officially states that field sobriety test results are not sufficient evidence of impaired driving.

Sober people fail the walk-and-turn, one-leg stand, horizontal gaze nystagmus and alphabet recitation tests frequently. Police officers are supposed to videotape the field sobriety tests for court review and follow other strict protocols.

We will examine all aspects of your case and determine what factors may have influenced your test results. We know how to challenge the case against you, protect your license and shield your freedoms.

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