We Beat Failed Sobriety Tests

Did you Fail a Field Sobriety Test and Need Legal Advice?

More than a decade ago, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration developed and promoted the standardized field sobriety test, a battery of three tests designed to indicate impaired driving. Those tests are:

  • The horizontal gaze nystagmus test
  • The walk-and-turn test
  • The one-leg stand test

Law enforcement agencies train police officers, sheriffs and other law enforcement agents to administer these tests in a standardized way when a driver is suspected of driving while impaired. Impairment may refer to intoxication by alcohol or drugs.

The descriptors of these sobriety tests may sound familiar to you if a police officer stopped you, tested you and then charged you with drunk driving. In South Carolina, arresting officers are required to videotape the entire proceedings of a DUI traffic stop, including the field sobriety test. After a DUI arrest anywhere in the Charleston area, you should contact the Drennan Law Firm as soon as possible.

We take on tough DUI cases in South Carolina and win. We challenge and beat roadside sobriety test results time and again!

Important questions you may discuss at your initial consultation with DUI defense lawyers at our firm include:

  • Did your arresting police officer videotape your field sobriety test battery, as required by law?
  • Did he or she administer the tests properly? Did the officer deviate from the standard protocol in any way?
  • Are these tests, in fact, fair?
  • Might a sober person "fail" any of these tests?

The key to a successful defense in your DUI case may come from any number of facts and factors. A thorough review of all aspects of the case should include a look at every nuance of the field sobriety test battery. Time and again, Drennan Law Firm obtains favorable results in DUI defense cases through a careful overview of the field sobriety test.

Charleston DUI Arrest? We Can Defend You Affordably.

Drennan Law Firm serves clients in Charleston and across the region. Field sobriety test? Our lawyers beat supposedly "failed" test results in court, time and again. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation regarding your drunk driving case.