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The most urgent and time-sensitive aspect of a DUI arrest for most people is the potential loss of driving privileges. For many drivers, losing a driver's license can be personally and financially devastating.

For most Americans, a driver's license is a license for freedom to come and go at will. How will you get to work if you are unable to drive your car? How will you take your children where they need to go, visit your elderly parents or do errands? Public transportation may or may not fill the gap.

Generally speaking, our local communities are not well suited for getting around solely by bus or bicycle. Social stigma may be worse than the practical inconveniences of being without a driver's license.

How embarrassing will it be to have to explain to others about your inability to drive where you need to go? "Sorry, I can't come to the party (or meeting); I can't drive there and don't have a ride."

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At Drennan Law Firm, our Charleston area license suspension lawyers understand the great importance of a driver's license. We are here to help you preserve, reinstate, or recover your driver's license after a DUI arrest. To save your driving privileges after a DUI arrest, you will need to make your case at an administrative hearing conducted by the Department of Public Safety. You must request this administrative hearing within 30 days of your arrest.

Technical by nature, this administrative hearing is in essence a mini-trial before a hearing officer. For best results, work with an attorney who is thoroughly versed in the policies and procedures associated with implied consent laws. Find a lawyer who understands how the DataMaster machine (DMT) works. A successful outcome at the administrative hearing to request return of your driver's license can also help you out with the criminal aspect of your DUI case. A criminal record can have even more serious negative consequences than a suspension or revocation of your driver's license — but you may not feel its impact as soon as you feel the loss of driving privileges. A criminal record will follow you for years, affecting many aspects of life:

  • Showing up on background checks for any reason
  • Harming your current work life and limiting your future career options
  • Making it difficult to rent an apartment, get a loan or achieve many other life goals

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To put it bluntly, our license suspension lawyers take on tough DUI cases — and win time and again, beginning with a strong defense at the administrative hearings. Drennan Law Firm welcomes the opportunity to explain how we can help you get your suspended driver's license reinstated after a DUI arrest anywhere in the Charleston area. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.