You Can, And SHOULD, Fight A Speeding Ticket

Many people simply pay a speeding ticket to make it go away. This is the worst thing you can do! Just paying a speeding ticket to get it out of the way can have long-term consequences such as:

  • Steep fines and fees
  • Raised auto insurance rates
  • Difficulty obtaining auto insurance
  • Points added to your driving record, which may add up and trigger a driver's license suspension

Seek Help And Fight Your Ticket!

Whether you've been charged with speeding, distracted driving/texting while driving, failure to obey traffic signals or any other traffic violation, our speeding ticket defense attorneys will help you fight a ticket, preventing a simple mistake from haunting you for years to come.

We Beat Speeding Tickets. FREE Consultation.

With offices in Charleston & Mt. Pleasant, our lawyers are here to help you beat your speekding ticket! Contact us now for a FREE consultation!