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February 2013 Archives

Statistics may encourage classifying mopeds as motor vehicles

South Carolina residents that own mopeds may have seen a previous post about loopholes in state DUI laws. It seems to be a well-known fact that drivers of mopeds are exempt from drunk driving charges because they are not qualified as a motorized vehicle. Although the bill to change this classification has been rejected once in South Carolina, recent statistics may give the current bill a higher probability of passing.

Emma's Law may have a lasting negative impact on DUI defendants

A recent posting on this blog discussed a bill that has been introduced to the South Carolina Senate that, if it passes, would require certain first time DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle. Additional information regarding the requirements of this proposed legislation has been released. In addition, a family who lost their daughter to an accident involving a drunk driver are standing behind the bill and pushing to have it passed. The driver of that accident was charged with felony DUI.

18-year-old in South Carolina charged with felony DUI

Sometimes drivers get behind the wheel after they have consumed too much alcohol to legally operate a motorized vehicle. Sometimes this happens as an honest mistake; the driver may not realize how much the alcohol is impacting both their judgment and senses. Unfortunately, these accidents can often have serious or even fatal results. When this happens, the driver may face felony DUI charges.

SC to require breathalyzers in the vehicles of all DUI offenders?

Numerous posts on this blog have discussed the potentially severe consequences of a DUI charge in South Carolina. Those penalties may go up. Some representatives in the state legislature are attempting to pass legislation that would strengthen drunk driving laws and require the installation of a breathalyzer in the vehicles of first-time offenders.

South Carolina representative admits to facing DUI charges

When an individual is pulled over for drunk driving, the penalties can be life-changing. DUI charges can not only mean a criminal record with fines and license suspension, but these charges can also be threatening to the reputation of a person whose job entails being constantly in the public eye.

South Carolina man loses job after routine DUI traffic stop

In South Carolina, being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol is a charge that comes with potentially serious consequences. However, if individuals refuse to take a breath test after getting pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, the severe consequences can compound.

SC woman facing two felony DUI charges after tragic accident

Driving while under the influence of alcohol can have treacherous results. This was evidenced by the outcome of a recent accident that occurred in South Carolina involving an allegedly drunk driver. The woman faces felony DUI charges due to the severity of the accident.

New rules require sailors to take random alcohol tests at work

Most residents of Charleston know that it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher. However, according to new regulations, residents that are in certain branches of the military may need to watch their consumption of alcohol even more closely. The Navy has just announced that they will perform random alcohol tests on sailors beginning as early as next month.

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