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March 2013 Archives

Authorities targeting teens with education, drunk driving charges

Spring break, prom and graduation are upon us. And, just like adults, teenagers like to celebrate and have a good time. Sometimes those celebrations include alcohol. Although the legal drinking age in South Carolina is 21, some teenagers choose to make alcohol a part of their celebrations. Unfortunately, what they may not understand are the ramifications of getting behind the wheel of a car after consuming too much alcohol.

South Carolina man charged with two counts of felony DUI

Previous postings in this blog have discussed the negative impact that drunk driving charges can have on the life of the accused. One of these negative impacts is the amount of time and money that may need to be spent after a driver is charged in order to determine whether the driver will be convicted and, if so, the resulting consequences.

Breathalyzer results thrown out when officer gave poor direction

Numerous posts in this blog have discussed the severity of DUI charges and the potentially lifelong impacts they can have on the accused and convicted. However, other posts have also discussed that defense attorneys are often able to negotiate a better outcome for the defendant based on the details surrounding the traffic stop, search and seizure or more. That is exactly what has happened in a South Carolina case that ultimately resulted in throwing out the Breathalyzer test results in a DUI case.

South Carolina increases drunk driving patrols through the summer

Saint Patrick's Day is a holiday that many celebrate by drinking alcoholic beverages such as green beer and Irish whiskey. However, the Saint Patty's Day festivities brought with them increased drunk driving patrols by South Carolina police officers. Drivers in South Carolina should be aware that, in the coming months there will be increased monitoring of drunk driving and, therefore, potentially the administration of more field sobriety tests.

Felony DUI charges for woman involved in two-car crash

Residents of South Carolina should always be cognizant of how much alcohol they are consuming if they are planning to drive somewhere afterward. However, accidents happen and sometimes people do not realize that they have had too much alcohol to drive. A driving under the influence charge can have a serious impact on the life of the accused.

Mt. Pleasant public figure facing DUI charges

Everyone is human and, therefore, everyone makes mistakes. That includes those that are in leaderships positions whether those positions are local or national. Unfortunately, a common mistake made by many people is getting behind the wheel and driving after consuming too much alcohol. A Mt. Pleasant councilman is facing DUI charges after making that very mistake.

Police chase leads to DUI charges and arrest

The decision to drive while under the influence of any amount of alcohol can come with serious penalties if the driver is pulled over by authorities and charged with drunk driving. However, the penalties can be even more severe if the traffic stop results in a high breath test in accordance with South Carolina law.

Refused to take a breath test? What are the consequences?

Any time an individual is pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol, the potential consequences can be very severe. However, every traffic stop is unique and there are certain aspects of some stops that may make the consequences more severe. One of these instances is when the driver refuses to take a breath test at the request of police. According to South Carolina's implied consent laws, there can be immediate consequences for this decision to refuse.

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