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Underage DUI: Youth pressured by media to drink

Teenagers face a number of social pressures. Whether it's during high school or the early years of college, young people may feel compelled by their peers and popular media to consume alcohol. This takes place even before people have reached the legal age of consumption.

A recently released study is further confirming the role that advertising and media plays in alcohol consumption among minors. Specifically, research published in the "Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs" found that people between the ages of 18 and 20 are the age group most frequently exposed to magazine ads for the liquor brands they consume.

In other words, researchers suggest that this shows a strong connection between drinking habits and advertising. Researchers were also sure to note that this heavy exposure occurred even though advertisers didn't violate federal policies regarding alcohol advertisements reaching underage magazine readers.

At a young age, people lack the experience and wisdom of those who are older. Not only that, but they are relative rookies to driving. Combining these ideas with the pressure to consume alcohol, it's not difficult to understand how young people might find themselves in a difficult situation, facing charges for driving under the influence.

The unfortunate reality is that a one-time, youthful mistake is something that could follow a person for his or her entire adult life. In order to be treated fairly and have the best shot at moving forward, those who are underage DUI charges may want to consider launching a strong defense.

Keeping in mind the power of social and media pressure, it's almost impossible to imagine the societal, professional and personal pressures created by a DUI conviction.

Source: Medical News Today, "Underage drinkers are 'targeted' by alcohol ads in magazines," July 8, 2014

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