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3 risks of ponds as water features on a property

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2018 | Uncategorized

Landscape ponds can be beautiful water features that enhance the aesthetic value of the property. They are designed to suit your yard and home, but they can also be extremely dangerous if they’re unkept.

As someone who loves having a small pond on your property, you are probably well aware of the risk of drowning that a pond poses. There are other risks, though. Anyone with a pond needs to make sure these risks are mitigated to protect others against personal injuries.

1. Parasites

People who come onto a property with a pond could be at risk of developing parasitic injuries. Parasites often develop on their own in the areas around or even inside ponds as a result of birds and other animals drinking there. Swallowing pond water is dangerous, so anyone who is around a pond should wash their hands after touching pond water. Homeowners can reduce the risk of parasites if they treat their ponds with chemicals.

2. Chemicals

Speaking of chemicals, they are another risk to those entering a property with a pond. Fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals used around ponds can drain into them, creating a toxic environmental hazard. Drinking or touching this water could expose people to risks.

3. Drowning

While you probably know about the risks of drowning around water, many people don’t think about the risk of drowning in a landscaping feature. Even in a few inches of water, it’s possible to drown. Water features may also have running water, rocks or other items that make it difficult to get out of the pond if you fall in, which adds to the overall risk of the installation.

It is possible to get hurt almost anywhere, but homeowners have a responsibility to visitors to make sure they don’t get hurt. The property needs to be safe, and that means repairing damaged areas of a water feature, checking the water for parasites and performing maintenance to keep chemicals in check.

If you get hurt by tripping, falling, getting an infection or other illness from a pond, it’s important that you speak with the property owner. You have the right to seek out compensation, and they should have homeowner’s insurance or other types of insurance that will cover your injuries if the property was not maintained appropriately. Every situation is different, so start by making sure the owner knows that you were hurt and that you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible.


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