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Boating under the influence is never a good idea

As people enjoy time on the water to take a break from the summer heat, it is imperative that they take the time to remember that alcohol, hot weather and boating aren't a very good mix. This is especially true for the person who is operating the boat.

Don't hesitate when you need a drunk boating defense

We recently discussed the importance of finding a designated driver for your boating outing. This is the only way that you can ensure you won't have to face a drunk boating charge. If you didn't plan ahead and are facing charges, you can take steps to start building your defense now.

Alcohol and boating don't mix, find a designated driver

The warmer months of the year are here. People are turning out in droves to enjoy time on the waterways in the area. It is imperative that you ensure you are able to drive in a safe manner if you are going to handle the boat. One thing that you can't do is boat after you drink alcohol.

Boating under the influence can ruin a day on the waterways

As the spring weather approaches, boaters are going to start turning out on the waterways in droves. It is imperative that you understand that your day on the water can turn bad quickly if you opt to operate your boat after consuming alcohol. Boat operators are covered under laws aimed to prevent drunk boating, so be sure to stay sober so your day of fun doesn't include a trip to jail.

DUIs while boating can be devastating

When you are on the waterways enjoying time on your boat, the last thing that you want is for that fun day to end with you in handcuffs on your way to jail. However, if you opt to drink alcohol while you are operating a boat or other vessel on the water, that is exactly what can happen if you are charged with boating under the influence.

Know how alcohol affects your boating abilities

When you are out on the water, you might want to have a few drinks with your friends. Before you do that, you should know that you can face criminal charges for boating under the influence. You should also know that just because you can usually have a specific number of drinks and are fine, that might not be the case on the water because alcohol can affect you differently when you are out on the lake in a boat.

Boating under the influence is a very serious charge

As the warmer months of the year come to a close, people are likely going to head out to enjoy the waterways before the cold weather makes it uncomfortable. It is important for people who are heading out on boats and personal watercraft to remain sober if they are going to be operating the water-based vehicles. If you drink and boat, there is a chance that you could face boating under the influence charges.

Man accused of boating under the influence charged

When you're on the water, you have to be safe. When you drive a boat, you're expected to drive while you're sober, not while you're consuming alcohol. Boating under the influence can lead to serious accidents, and victims can be hit by boats, injured in a collision or thrown from the boat and drowned.

Don't let a day of fun in the sun get ruined by a DUI

When you are out on the waterways in South Carolina, your focus is probably having a good time. If that good time involves alcohol, you should make sure that someone in the watercraft is sober so that your day of fun in the sun isn't ruined by a boating while intoxicated charge.

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