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Isn’t My DUI Case Open & Shut?


Your case is only “Open & Shut” when you do nothing. That’s exactly what the arresting officer, the prosecution and the state expect you to do. Don’t give up your right to have your say.

An arrest is not a guilty verdict, but you can’t afford to wait. If you give the system a chance to chew you up and spit you out, it will. Make a better choice. Take just a minute and tell us a little about your case. Call today at 843-606-1578.

I Can’t Afford a Lawyer

It’s the other way around, you can’t afford not to work with a lawyer.

Often, the most expensive path is to just take whatever penalty the courts decide to hand out. At the Drennan Law Firm, we offer reasonable rates specifically so that you can afford to protect your rights.

We have helped countless people with cases exactly like yours. We don’t offer empty promises, we just let our winning record speak for itself.

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