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DUI charges for high-level political staffer

One of the most devastating aspects of being charged with drunk driving is the immediate loss of privacy when the matter is reported in the media. Regardless of the fact that a great many DUI charges eventually get dropped, the damage has largely been done by the time the matter reaches that stage of the game. This is true regardless of the level of public recognition one holds, but when an individual holds a position within South Carolina politics, the damage can be far worse.

DUI charges dismissed against former NFL player

Many South Carolina readers are familiar with the name Tyler Thigpen. Thigpen played football at Coastal Carolina University and became a star player in that organization. He went on to play in the NFL for the Vikings, and is currently affiliated with the Browns. Thigpen made recent headlines not for his prowess on the field, however, but over DUI charges late last year. Those charges were recently dismissed, which likely comes as a relief to Thigpen and his family

Push to include huffing in handing down DUI charges

For those South Carolina readers who are unfamiliar with the term "huffing," it refers to the practice of intentionally inhaling commonly found chemicals with the intention of achieving a state of intoxication. The substances chosen are often household chemicals stored in pressurized aerosol cans. Users simply spray small amounts of the toxic substances and breathe in the fumes. Aside from the serious health consequences of such behavior, the end result is a level of intoxication that can affect an individual's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. With concern that such practices could endanger the public, a push is underway to include huffing as a basis for DUI charges.

South Carolina state representative avoids DUI charge

A state representative for South Carolina is likely relieved at the news that one of two drunk driving charges against him has been dropped. Democrat Ted Vick has been fighting the charges, which stem from two separate incidents, even though he is not currently seeking re-election. Now that one of those DUI charges no longer stands, that fight may be significantly easier to manage. The DUI charge that was dropped was the result of an incident that police officers witnessed last year. As Vick was exiting the Statehouse, he stumbled in the parking lot. Once inside his car, he struck a traffic cone, prompting the officers to pull him over. Vick's attorney asserts that he stumbled because he had a rock in his show at the time, and was not impaired.

Spartanburg Police Officer Charged with DUI

A recent car crash has led to criminal charges for one South Carolina police officer. The 36-year-old man is employed as an officer with the Spartanburg Police Department. While there are few details available concerning the incident, it appears as if a one-vehicle car accident led to the man's arrest on DUI charges.  

Goose Creek Police Officer Charged with DUI

Being accused of drunk driving is a serious event for anyone. For those who hold a position in which their primary focus is serving the public, such a charge can be devastating. South Carolina residents place a great deal of trust in the officials tasked with looking after public safety. When one of those individuals faces DUI charges, that trust is threatened.

Man faces DUI and child endangerment charges in South Carolina

Getting accused of driving while intoxicated can be alarming and even embarrassing. The person who faces DUI charges, however, has the right to defend himself or herself against the formal accusations. One man recently found himself in this scenario after being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in South Carolina.

Can drunk driving convictions be expunged in South Carolina?

From time to time, everyone makes a mistake. Even a responsible person can have a momentary slip in judgment. Unfortunately, this human trait can result in criminal charges. In the wake of this type of legal trouble, it may be worth wondering what steps can be taken after conviction to clear an individual's record.

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