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Sheriff's Sergeant charged with DUI after accident

When an individual is arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, the need to mount an aggressive legal response is immediate. This is true regardless of one's socioeconomic status or career path. However, when an individual holds a position within the public service sector, the damage to reputation and community trust that follows a South Carolina DUI charge can be devastating.

Truck driver facing DUI charges in South Carolina

South Carolina readers may be aware of a recent arrest in which a commercial truck driver has been accused of drunk driving. The story has been covered in depth, and the name of the driver has been made public. As the case moves toward court, it is likely that he will suffer a range of negative reaction, which could include the loss of his job. This is an unfortunate result of many DUI charges, even when those accusations fail to lead to a conviction.

DUI charges for high-level political staffer

One of the most devastating aspects of being charged with drunk driving is the immediate loss of privacy when the matter is reported in the media. Regardless of the fact that a great many DUI charges eventually get dropped, the damage has largely been done by the time the matter reaches that stage of the game. This is true regardless of the level of public recognition one holds, but when an individual holds a position within South Carolina politics, the damage can be far worse.

DUI charges dismissed against former NFL player

Many South Carolina readers are familiar with the name Tyler Thigpen. Thigpen played football at Coastal Carolina University and became a star player in that organization. He went on to play in the NFL for the Vikings, and is currently affiliated with the Browns. Thigpen made recent headlines not for his prowess on the field, however, but over DUI charges late last year. Those charges were recently dismissed, which likely comes as a relief to Thigpen and his family

DUI Charges follow New Year's Day crash

A great deal of effort was put into public awareness of the risk of drunk driving during the recent holiday season. Those messages may have proven effective, as South Carolina police report that there were no drunk driving fatalities on New Year's Day. Accidents still take place, however, and one single-vehicle crash left the driver with felony DUI charges.

Sheriff to defend against DUI charges in South Carolina

Nobody is above the law. This even includes law enforcement agents. One sheriff in South Carolina is finding this out the hard way in a recent incident that resulted in him being arrested on DUI charges. He will now be looking to defend himself against these accusations in court.

Strong defense strategies may be needed for DUI charges

This time of the year is known for an escalation in drunk driving accidents that commonly result in many people suffering severe personal injuries and even fatalities. In an effort to limit these tragic consequences, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety (SCDPS) recently launched a campaign to enforce DUI-related laws. Similar to last year, SCDPS decided to name the enforcement blitz "Sober or Slammer!" It will run until the first day of 2015.

Farmer to face DUI charges in South Carolina after fatal crash

Everybody suffers from a lack of judgment at one time or another. Many times, the consequences of these lapses are minor, though there are some instances where the consequences are deadly. One farmer is being accused of having a lapse in good judgment in a recent car crash in South Carolina. The farmer is now facing DUI charges.

DUI charges for driver that allegedly initiated chase

Multiple DUI offenses have potentially serious consequences for those accused of them. A South Carolina man was recently arrested for what was apparently his third charge for drunk driving, but authorities say that he first led them on a chase. He is now facing multiple DUI charges.

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