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South Carolina Pint Bill held up by one Senator

Each year, South Carolina ranks toward the top of the list of states with the highest number of drinking and driving related deaths. The state has DUI laws in place but as newly proposed legislation is trying to make its way through the legislature, some are worried that its passage will increase the occurrence of not only drinking and driving related deaths but also of drunk driving charges.

South Carolina increases drunk driving patrols through the summer

Saint Patrick's Day is a holiday that many celebrate by drinking alcoholic beverages such as green beer and Irish whiskey. However, the Saint Patty's Day festivities brought with them increased drunk driving patrols by South Carolina police officers. Drivers in South Carolina should be aware that, in the coming months there will be increased monitoring of drunk driving and, therefore, potentially the administration of more field sobriety tests.

South Carolina representative admits to facing DUI charges

When an individual is pulled over for drunk driving, the penalties can be life-changing. DUI charges can not only mean a criminal record with fines and license suspension, but these charges can also be threatening to the reputation of a person whose job entails being constantly in the public eye.

South Carolina man loses job after routine DUI traffic stop

In South Carolina, being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol is a charge that comes with potentially serious consequences. However, if individuals refuse to take a breath test after getting pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, the severe consequences can compound.

SC man reportedly tests at .16 on breath test

The penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol, even when no one besides the drunken driver is in immediate danger, can be very severe. These penalties become much more severe when the driver is not only putting others in danger, but also submits to field sobriety testing that results in a high breath test. A South Carolina man is in this very position.

South Carolina bus driver fired after high breath test

In South Carolina, the consequences of a DUI charge are serious no matter what the specific details of the situation. However, when an individual is facing charges and a potential DUI conviction after a high breath test, the consequences can compound.

South Carolina teenager charged with felony DUI

All charges that involve drinking while driving are serious and should not be taken lightly. These charges become even more serious when an individual faces not only a drunk driving charge but also felony DUI charges. A felony DUI charge can result from a few different situations. Some of these may include allegations of a high blood alcohol content, severe bodily injury caused to another or the unfortunate situation in which another is fatally injured. All of these situations must be handled very carefully and with a rigorous, experienced defense.

Ignition interlocks for all in Charleston?

Earlier this month in our Charleston DUI Law Blog, we discussed the shortcomings of breath tests. These police administered blood alcohol content measures do not always give accurate results, leading to DUI arrests of people who are in fact in a safe condition to be driving.

Short report on Mount Pleasant cop's DUI arrest is criticized

Police in South Carolina are taking heat in the aftermath of a DUI arrest of a Mount Pleasant police major. The police major was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after he crashed his jeep earlier this month, but the arresting officer's report was so skimpy that criminal charges could never hold up.

Are breath tests accurate in Charleston?

Many Charleston residents who score high on an alcohol breath test think that they have no choice other than to sit back while they are convicted of a DUI charge. However, that is simply not the case. Often a criminal defense attorney can argue that the results of the breath test were flawed, in which case a judge may then decide to suppress the test results or dismiss the charges altogether.

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