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What should I know about blood alcohol tests in South Carolina?

Here in South Carolina, many people have had to face DUI charges, and many more will in the future. Those who do may know how seriously the crime is considered, though they may not know about related aspects, such as how sobriety is determined. While field sobriety tests are often utilized, tests that measure blood alcohol content are frequently used to determine if a person is inebriated. The results of these blood alcohol tests may be used in criminal proceedings, so it can be beneficial to know what they are, how they work and what it might mean for a person’s case.

Effect of high court ruling on DUI laws is up in the air, Part 2

In our blog post published on March 27, we discussed a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that had a significant, immediate impact on defending against drunk driving charges. Although the Missouri v. McNeeley ruling was made several months ago, the full range of impacts is yet to be seen.

South Carolina man blows .18, also has beer and vodka in vehicle

In South Carolina, as in all states across the country, the legal limit for an adult's blood alcohol content while operating a motorized vehicle is .08. When their BAC level is above the legal limit, the individual may face drunk driving charges.

South Carolina's DOT director resigns after high breath test

As readers of this blog are likely aware from previous postings, the potential consequences for a drunk driving conviction can be very severe, and it is important to handle these cases very carefully. Residents of South Carolina may also be aware that the consequences of a high breath test may be even worse than those that an individual may face for a DUI charge resulting from a blood alcohol content of .08 to .15.

Does DataMaster provide inaccurate results?

Every situation involving drunk driving charges is different from the next. In addition to the differences, some DUI cases are more challenging than others. These cases may require very careful research and very pointed and specific arguments. One of these types of challenging cases is when drivers are suspected of driving while under the influence and the blood alcohol content testing shows they have a BAC of higher than .15 percent.

Man charged with felony DUI after accident and high breath test

It is important that residents of South Carolina understand that no matter what the circumstances, facing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol is always a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. However, there are certain aspects of such charges that can increase the severity of these charges. One of those circumstances is a high breath test. Another is an accident that results in the severe bodily injury or death of another individual.

High school coach charged with DUI after high breath test

When a resident of South Carolina has been pulled over by authorities for suspicion of drunk driving and charged with DUI, they are most likely experiencing many emotions. Some of these emotions may include fear, anger, hopelessness and much more. There are certain circumstances surrounding a DUI charge that could potentially intensify these feelings. One of those circumstances is when the individual has a high breath test.

Former South Carolina treasurer allegedly refused breath test

Previous postings in this blog have discussed the potentially reputation-damaging impacts that a DUI can have on an individual who is famous or is a public figure. Even if the person is no longer is a highly-visible position, it is not uncommon for them to still be scrutinized if they are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

South Carolina man refuses breathalyzer; charged with felony DUI

Celebrations on the Fourth of July often involve alcohol. Unfortunately, sometimes alcohol can make tempers rise and if an argument ensues, the emotions may be intensified while individuals are under the influence of alcohol.

SC police officer charged with DUI after high breath test

DUI charges often come with severe penalties and consequences. However, those penalties and consequences vary depending upon the nature of the circumstances surrounding the issuing of charges and how authorities allegedly determined the individual was driving under the influence of alcohol. One particular circumstance that can increase the severity of punishment is when the individual has a high breath test. A person's occupation or profession can also make the consequences more harmful for the accused.

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