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Traffic fatality statistics: A mixed bag for South Carolina

We all have preconceived notions about drivers in other states. For example, many of us assume motorists in Montana are all speed demons, or that drivers in the northeast are all hyper-aggressive. However, most of these notions are rooted in stereotypes rather than fact.

Columbia woman facing felony DUI charge for hitting pedestrian

There are numerous actions that can be considered a violation for South Carolina drivers -- one of them is driving with a blood alcohol content that is higher than the legally limit of .08. When it is determined that drivers are under the influence of alcohol, they can be charged with driving under the influence, which is typically a misdemeanor. However, if the circumstances surrounding the accident are severe enough, it could result in felony DUI charges.

SC bar pays just under a million dollars in fatal DUI settlement

Drivers that get behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol are at risk of facing civil and criminal penalties for their actions. However, what many residents of South Carolina may not realize is that the drivers may not be the only ones in need of a DUI defense if they are part of an accident that causes injuries to another individual. If they were served alcohol at a bar, the victim may also try to hold that establishment responsible for their injuries. This very situation has led to a South Carolina bar paying $975,000 in a drunk driving settlement.

Death of pedestrian results in felony DUI charges for SC man

Each drunk driving charge is classified as a misdemeanor or felony according to the severity of the circumstances surrounding the charge. Although both types of charge should be taken very seriously, a misdemeanor DUI charge is less serious for the defendant than a felony DUI charge. Felony DUI charges usually come about when there is an accident in which it is suspected that at least one driver was under the influence of alcohol and the outcome of that accident was severe.

South Carolina man facing 2 felony DUI charges after fatal crash

Driving under the influence of alcohol is always dangerous. But, the truth is that sometimes the people of South Carolina make mistakes. Sometimes people do not realize that they have had too much alcohol to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive themselves safely to their destination.

Fatal DUI accident puts SC man in prison for 15 years

Car accidents happen every day. Sometimes collisions involve parties who have consumed alcohol. An accident that results in a DUI charge for one of the parties involved can be a scary situation. When the accident involves a drunk driver and a fatality, the consequences can become even more severe.

Fatal accident leads to felony DUI charge for South Carolina man

Any charge involving a DUI is a serious matter. However, when an accident results in the death of another caused by a drunk driver, a DUI charge turns into a felony DUI, which can have severe consequences. A South Carolina man that was recently involved in a fatal DUI accident may experience the severe repercussions that result from this charge.

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