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Drunk driving charges may be avoided by using a new service

A new service in South Carolina may be around for a long time. It's called CoPilot, and it is a driver service that caters to those who cannot drive due to insobriety. A person needing the service can use his or her smart phone to text in a request. Alternatively, it may fall on friends or others to see to it that one in need requests the service. All in all, the avoidance of injury, death and drunk driving charges is an outcome that seems well worth the effort.

South Carolina ranks high among drunk driving charges

When one's state of residence makes a top 10 list, many people feel a sense of pride. Recently released statistics, however, rank South Carolina among the top states in a less prestigious list: places where drunk driving charges are common. Only seven other states have a higher incidence of drunk driving, leaving many in South Carolina to ponder how to make our roadways safer for all drivers .

South Carolina man facing felony DUI charges after car accident

When a resident of South Carolina is pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, it is very likely that they will find themselves facing criminal charges. This is almost always a scary situation but a driver charged with a DUI may not even realize the full extent of the potential consequences. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the charges, these penalties may include the loss or suspension of professional licenses, loss of driving privileges for an extended period of time, loss of a commercial driver's license, jail time, monetary fines and more.

MADD gives South Carolina 3 stars for DUI prevention

Every year, the nonprofit organization known as Mothers Against Drunk Driving releases a report known as the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving. This report rates states on their efforts to effectively address and prevent drunk driving based upon five different criteria. However well-intentioned these efforts may be, the report does have its critics who raise concerns about ever-increasing penalties in drunk driving cases.

South Carolina DUI arrests increased in 2013

The number of DUI arrests in Horry County, South Carolina increased in 2013 as compared to 2012, and this is concerning to state authorities. Toward the end of 2012, in Horry County there were approximately 1,100 arrests, and that number had already been exceeded before 2013 officially came to a close. In other areas of the state, officials believe the occurrence of drunk driving has become such a serious and ongoing issue that they plan to take significant steps to eradicate it.

Man facing drunk driving charges after blowing a .19

Car accidents happen on the roadways of South Carolina just like they do in every state across the country. If a resident sees a car that they believe could cause an accident, they will sometimes report it to the authorities. This happened recently in South Carolina and the report led to the issuance of drunk driving charges.

Boy killed in DUI accident; family wants stricter DUI punishments

Previous postings in this blog have discussed how some families that have experienced the loss of a loved one due to the negligence of a drunk driver are lobbying for stricter DUI laws and tougher penalties for drunk drivers in South Carolina. Another family has stepped to the forefront of this argument after they lost their son recently in an accident involving a drunk driver.

South Carolina Breathalyzer law will not be applied retroactively

Legislation involving drunk driving is an ever-changing area of law in many states. The changes many states are contemplating involve the installation and ignition interlock devices and other consequences that result when a driver is charged with a crime and convicted for drunk driving. In 2009, the state of South Carolina passed legislation stating that a Breathalyzer test must be administered within two hours of a driver's arrest.

South Carolina police officer charged with drunk driving

Many residents of South Carolina likely assume that police officers are only on the issuing side of DUI charges and never on the receiving side. However, this is a false assumption. Police officers are not immune from being charged with a crime and when they are it may have a very negative impact on their reputation and career. This is why drunk driving charges that have been pressed against a member of the police force should be taken very seriously and handled very carefully.

Man that crashed into police car now facing drunk driving charges

Many residents of South Carolina may know that it can sometimes be scary to be accused of committing a crime, especially if the act that resulted in the charges was committed on accident. That is the case for a South Carolina man who accidently struck the back end of a police cruiser. He was not only penalized for allegedly causing a car accident, but also for allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol. The man is now facing drunk driving charges.

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