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Drunk driving charges may be avoided by using a new service

A new service in South Carolina may be around for a long time. It's called CoPilot, and it is a driver service that caters to those who cannot drive due to insobriety. A person needing the service can use his or her smart phone to text in a request. Alternatively, it may fall on friends or others to see to it that one in need requests the service. All in all, the avoidance of injury, death and drunk driving charges is an outcome that seems well worth the effort.

Building a case for license restoration after breath test refusal

In the immediate term, loss of a driver's license is probably is the consequence for drinking and driving that affects people most on a day-to-day basis. Certainly, having a mark on a criminal record is something that can follow a person for a lifetime, but being unable to legally drive for at least six months can have devastating consequences.

Can blood tests for pot-related DUI be refused in South Carolina?

Implied consent laws are a common point of discussion on this blog, and for good reason. Without an understanding of what this statute means, drivers may unknowingly create serious legal trouble for themselves.

Testing the limits of South Carolina's implied consent law

As we've covered before, South Carolina has an implied consent law on the books, much like other states. In short, this means that anyone who operates a motor vehicle within the state has implicitly agreed to submit to a breath test at the request of police officers. If a person is pulled over and a cop suspects that he or she has consumed alcohol, a subsequent breath test can be refused. However, this choice generally leads to an automatic administrative driver's license suspension.

MADD gives South Carolina 3 stars for DUI prevention

Every year, the nonprofit organization known as Mothers Against Drunk Driving releases a report known as the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving. This report rates states on their efforts to effectively address and prevent drunk driving based upon five different criteria. However well-intentioned these efforts may be, the report does have its critics who raise concerns about ever-increasing penalties in drunk driving cases.

How do South Carolina officers fin drunk drivers?

Drivers in South Carolina, whether they have been charged with a DUI or not, may at times wonder how state officials determine whether to pull an individual over for drunk driving. However, even if they are unaware of how these traffic stops are initiated, many drivers have seen others on the side of the road in flashing lights taking part in field sobriety tests. There are specific signs that officers look for and, once they see those signs, specific procedures they must follow.

Man that crashed into police car now facing drunk driving charges

Many residents of South Carolina may know that it can sometimes be scary to be accused of committing a crime, especially if the act that resulted in the charges was committed on accident. That is the case for a South Carolina man who accidently struck the back end of a police cruiser. He was not only penalized for allegedly causing a car accident, but also for allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol. The man is now facing drunk driving charges.

Public figure in South Carolina charged with DUI

When an individual is facing allegations of committing a criminal act, it is always a serious situation that should be handled carefully, no matter the nature of the charges. However, if the person facing the allegations is a public figure or in the public eye in any way, the impact on their life can be negative in more than just a legal way. It could also negatively impact their reputation. For instance, a South Carolina sports anchor that was recently charged with DUI could potentially face this very unfortunately fate.

Drunk driving charges result after roadside workers are injured

When drivers in South Carolina are traveling through construction zones it is very important for them to keep an eye out for roadside construction workers. If they do not exercise the appropriate care and accidentally strike a worker, they may be faced with a civil or criminal charge, depending upon the situation. For example, a South Carolina driver that recently struck two roadside construction workers is facing drunk driving charges as a result of the accident.

South Carolina authorities track most frequent DUI charge areas

Previous postings have discussed South Carolina's efforts to decrease the occurrence of drunk driving within the state. There are a variety of strategies that authorities are using to accomplish this goal, but a particularly interesting one has recently been released by the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety. The department's DUI enforcement team has released a map of the city that tracks the locations where the most drunk driving charges have been issued.

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