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South Carolina man facing felony DUI charges after car accident

When a resident of South Carolina is pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, it is very likely that they will find themselves facing criminal charges. This is almost always a scary situation but a driver charged with a DUI may not even realize the full extent of the potential consequences. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the charges, these penalties may include the loss or suspension of professional licenses, loss of driving privileges for an extended period of time, loss of a commercial driver's license, jail time, monetary fines and more.

South Carolina man flees sobriety checkpoint; charged with DUI

When a resident of South Carolina is suspected of drunk driving, there are many circumstances that can play a part in the severity of the potential consequences that could accompany a conviction. One of those circumstances is the accused individual's history of DUI charges or drunk driving, if any.

South Carolina DUI arrests increased in 2013

The number of DUI arrests in Horry County, South Carolina increased in 2013 as compared to 2012, and this is concerning to state authorities. Toward the end of 2012, in Horry County there were approximately 1,100 arrests, and that number had already been exceeded before 2013 officially came to a close. In other areas of the state, officials believe the occurrence of drunk driving has become such a serious and ongoing issue that they plan to take significant steps to eradicate it.

Holiday season brings increased DUI charges

The holidays have officially arrived and many South Carolina residents are looking forward to fun get-togethers with family and friends. Many started their celebrations over Thanksgiving and will continue the festivities right through New Year's Day. Though most will ride out the end of the year with good memories and great experiences, others will find themselves facing serious DUI charges from increased drunk driving enforcement.

South Carolina legislators rewarded for harsh DUI initiatives

As previous posts in this blog have discussed, there are certain legislative measures that have been pushed to pass this year. Many of these measures concern the consequences that individuals face after they are charged with a DUI. Two of these initiatives -- Emma's Law and a bill known as H. 3191 -- have earned their advocates accolades from the group Mothers Against Drunk Driving, also known as MADD.

Woman facing felony DUI charges after accident that killed one

Sometimes, after a resident of South Carolina has consumed a couple of alcoholic beverages, they may feel fine to drive. The individual believes that they can get behind the wheel of their vehicle and make it safely to their ultimate destination without harming himself or herself or anyone else. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and an accident may occur as a result of this mistaken lapse in judgment. What is also unfortunate is that one honest mistake can result in a laundry list of negative impacts for that driver who honestly thought it would be safe for them to drive home.

Man facing drunk driving charges after wreck that killed friend

As the summer comes to an end, many young adults are going out with their friends and getting in one last fun night before everyone goes their separate ways. Often times, these celebrations and get-togethers involve the consumption of alcohol. Although they are always meant to be a fun time, the unfortunately reality is that sometimes drinking with friends can end in disaster. This is what appears to have happened for a 21-year-old man in North Charleston, South Carolina.

South Carolina police officer charged with DUI after car accident

When an individual is driving under the influence of alcohol in South Carolina, police officers are usually the ones to issue criminal charges. However, this does not mean that police officers cannot also be charged with DUI. DUI charges can have a potentially severe impact on anyone's life. However, it is unfortunate, but true that they may have an even more severe impact on the life and reputation of a police officer.

Motion to dismiss drunk driving charges denied

Previous postings in this blog have discussed the charges faced by Ted Vick for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. In the most recent previous posting, readers were informed that Vick's attorney was arguing that the representative should not be charged with a crime due to a technicality in the way he was read his Miranda rights.

DUI charges may be dropped for lack of videotaped Miranda rights

Previous postings in this blog have discussed the importance of obtaining a DUI defense attorney when facing charges for drunk driving. An attorney can help to ensure that all of the defendant's rights are protected. A previous posting in this blog also discussed the DUI charges faced by State Representative Ted Vick. Vick's attorney may be able to have the Representative's charges dropped because the rights to which he was entitled were not upheld.

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