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South Carolina's buzzed driving campaign

In South Carolina, law enforcement officials have been running a campaign telling drivers that "Buzzed driving is drunk driving." The idea here is that many people think they're not drunk, even though they are, and so they get behind the wheel without realizing that it's a problem.

How does alcohol impact you as you continue drink?

The reason that the legal limit for drinking as been set at a blood alcohol concentration of .08 is that alcohol impacts you differently as your BAC climbs. This does not mean that you won't feel the impact at all if it's below .08, however. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, relaxation, loss of judgement and a slight impairment of your ability to follow moving objects can start at just .02.

Man from South Carolina was drunk during wrong-way accident

A man got onto the New York State Thruway going in the wrong direction, and he ended up causing a crash that left three people with injuries. The police are now reporting that the man, who is from South Carolina, was drunk when this accident took place, perhaps explaining why he was heading against traffic. They said that his BAC came in at .15, which is just under double the limit of 0.08.

Teens still drink and drive in South Carolina

Some reports show that teen drinking and driving is actually going down, both in South Carolina and all across the United States. In fact, comparing the numbers from 1991 with those gathered in 2012 shows that drunk driving by teens fell by more than half -- 54 percent -- in roughly 20 years.

Will South Carolina lawmakers lower legal limit for DUI?

For several years now, the defined legal limit for blood-alcohol concentration among South Carolina drivers has been 0.08 percent. The law wasn't always set at this benchmark, however. Federal officials pushed to reduce the legal limit and leveraged states to follow along by tying the issue to funding. Eventually, all 50 states complied.

A closer look: Defining drinking and 'driving' in South Carolina

When a person decides to enjoy a drink or two, it's not uncommon to take precautions to avoid the risks associated with driving under the influence. After all, no one plans or desires to be charged for drunk driving. However, there are certain circumstances in which a person might misjudge his or her ability to drive.

Do South Carolina's open container laws apply to boaters?

For many people, there might be nothing more relaxing than going for a boat ride on a hot summer day. At the same time, legal adults may want to enjoy a cold beer or cocktail out on the water. While this may sound like an attractive leisure activity, there may be potential legal questions that arise as a result of consuming alcohol on a boat.

Standard field sobriety tests may not always be accurate

When a person imagines what it would be like to be pulled over by a police officer on suspicion of drunk driving, he or she might include field sobriety tests in the mental picture. These tests are supposed to help cops detect signs of intoxication, so it might be natural to wonder: Are they actually effective?

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