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South Carolina Pint Bill held up by one Senator

Each year, South Carolina ranks toward the top of the list of states with the highest number of drinking and driving related deaths. The state has DUI laws in place but as newly proposed legislation is trying to make its way through the legislature, some are worried that its passage will increase the occurrence of not only drinking and driving related deaths but also of drunk driving charges.

Myrtle Manor cast member facing drunk driving charges

Residents of South Carolina have likely heard the Cinderella stories about individuals who end up on a reality TV show and become rich and famous. However, those that have fame still have to deal with the law. Two cast members of the show "Myrtle Manor" have learned this over the past couple of weeks as they are now both facing drunk driving charges.

South Carolina's move to free-pour has not reduced drunk driving

In 2006, South Carolina passed free-pour legislation lightening up on the procedure followed by bars serving hard liquor. Some thought this would lead to a decrease not only in alcohol-related fatal accidents, but also in drunk driving. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case. Numerous drivers are still facing drunk driving charges and, although the number of fatal accidents has decreased, the percentage of alcohol-related fatalities remains constant.

Drunk driving charges result from damaged parking garage property

Previous postings in this blog have discussed the unfortunate situations that result when South Carolina drivers get behind the wheel of their car after consuming too much alcohol. These actions often lead to drunk driving charges. Sometimes, drunk driving charges occur only after a driver is pulled over by authorities for the commission of another traffic offense or after getting in a car accident. This is exactly what recently happened to a South Carolina driver.

Breathalyzer results thrown out when officer gave poor direction

Numerous posts in this blog have discussed the severity of DUI charges and the potentially lifelong impacts they can have on the accused and convicted. However, other posts have also discussed that defense attorneys are often able to negotiate a better outcome for the defendant based on the details surrounding the traffic stop, search and seizure or more. That is exactly what has happened in a South Carolina case that ultimately resulted in throwing out the Breathalyzer test results in a DUI case.

South Carolina increases drunk driving patrols through the summer

Saint Patrick's Day is a holiday that many celebrate by drinking alcoholic beverages such as green beer and Irish whiskey. However, the Saint Patty's Day festivities brought with them increased drunk driving patrols by South Carolina police officers. Drivers in South Carolina should be aware that, in the coming months there will be increased monitoring of drunk driving and, therefore, potentially the administration of more field sobriety tests.

Police chase leads to DUI charges and arrest

The decision to drive while under the influence of any amount of alcohol can come with serious penalties if the driver is pulled over by authorities and charged with drunk driving. However, the penalties can be even more severe if the traffic stop results in a high breath test in accordance with South Carolina law.

Statistics may encourage classifying mopeds as motor vehicles

South Carolina residents that own mopeds may have seen a previous post about loopholes in state DUI laws. It seems to be a well-known fact that drivers of mopeds are exempt from drunk driving charges because they are not qualified as a motorized vehicle. Although the bill to change this classification has been rejected once in South Carolina, recent statistics may give the current bill a higher probability of passing.

SC to require breathalyzers in the vehicles of all DUI offenders?

Numerous posts on this blog have discussed the potentially severe consequences of a DUI charge in South Carolina. Those penalties may go up. Some representatives in the state legislature are attempting to pass legislation that would strengthen drunk driving laws and require the installation of a breathalyzer in the vehicles of first-time offenders.

South Carolina representative admits to facing DUI charges

When an individual is pulled over for drunk driving, the penalties can be life-changing. DUI charges can not only mean a criminal record with fines and license suspension, but these charges can also be threatening to the reputation of a person whose job entails being constantly in the public eye.

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