Will Insurance Cover All Of My Expenses After An Injury?

It's a very common scenario: Almost immediately after an accident, the insurance company agent will show up at your hospital room or your home, or call you. He or she will make you a cash settlement offer that will seem very generous at the time. Yet somehow it doesn't seem entirely right, like maybe there's something you're missing. Maybe this offer is not as great as it seems.

At Drennan Law Firm in Mount Pleasant and Charleston, South Carolina, we understand how the insurance company offers work in auto accident situations. Our lawyers can help you determine the true value of your injury claim and help you obtain the full compensation you deserve.

Will Insurance Cover The Expenses?

In short: No.

Looking at your own policy, unless it is an amazing policy, any claim you file with your insurance company will not cover the full extent of the costs you will incur after an accident.

In terms of the settlement offer, either from your carrier or the insurance carrier of the at-fault driver, it will seem very generous at first and it will seem the perfect solution to the serious financial dilemma you're facing. But it will almost certainly not cover the extent of your expenses for the rest of your life. At most, it will cover the bare minimum of your immediate expenses.

The initial insurance company offer is built on fear. Unless you are independently wealthy, you will be sitting in the hospital after a serious accident feeling extraordinary anxiety. How will you pay for your medical fees, especially if you're missing time from work? Then the insurance agent comes in and makes this offer.

But if you take the offer from the insurance company, you will lose your right to bring a lawsuit. You will not be able to obtain compensation for the long-term medical expenses, adaptive technology, pain medications and pain and suffering you have endured.

Call An Attorney Before Talking With The Insurance Agent

We can help you determine whether the insurance company's offer is in your best interest, or if you could obtain more by filing a legal claim. Call us today at 843-352-4149 or email us to learn more.