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5 ways to fight traffic tickets

Getting a traffic ticket is at best an annoyance and at worst the difference between you being able to drive and losing your license. Traffic tickets are not always given out for a good reason because sometimes an error of judgment is made and mistakes occur.

If you believe that you have been given a traffic ticket in error, you should take action to fight it. By doing so in a smart and effective way, you may be able to have the traffic ticket revoked. The following are five ways to potentially fight traffic tickers.

How ignition interlock devices can help you

If you have more than one prior DUI conviction, you'll be facing serious consequences. You'll have your drivers' license revoked, and you may even be struggling to hold down a job as a result. Your DUI charges could have impacted your reputation among your family and friends, and you may be feeling more isolated than ever due to these charges.

If the previous DUI penalties did not stop you from drinking and driving again, you should consider other ways that you can prevent this type of dangerous and destructive behavior. One option is to give up alcohol completely, but those with alcohol dependence may not trust themselves to stay sober for a long period. This is why ignition interlock devices (IIDs) can be a useful tool that can prevent additional convictions and can save lives.

"Sober or Slammer!" kicks off, focuses on DUIs in South Carolina

With Labor Day and other holidays approaching, it's a good time to talk about driving under the influence and how it affects traveling. In South Carolina, the "Sober or Slammer!" campaign is running from the end of August through Sept. 7, and it aims to reduce the number of people who drink and drive. Taking dangerous drivers off the road is the goal, so that others can get where they need to go safely.

The Sober or Slammer! campaign happens across the state and has all levels of law enforcement, from state troopers to local police, working together to clear the roads of drunk drivers.

DUI checkpoints? Yes, you might run into them in South Carolina

No one wants to be stopped for no reason, which is one reason why DUI checkpoints make some drivers feel frustrated. A DUI checkpoint slows down traffic and makes people wait while officers decide if they want to give them breath tests.

If you're new to driving, or if you haven't been in the South Carolina long, then you may not be familiar with a DUI checkpoint. This is a place where the police create a barricade and stop drivers to check for any signs of intoxication. These checkpoints do usually catch some people who are intoxicated, but they also result in false arrests and unfair treatment in some cases.

Yes, you could fail a field sobriety test when sober

You may be surprised to hear this, but did you know that it's relatively common for sober drivers to fail field sobriety tests? If you're one of them, then you may want to know why that happens and how to defend yourself.

Any time you're stopped on suspicion of a DWI or DUI, it's important that you know your options. If you can avoid taking a field sobriety test, that's preferable, because even a sober individual can fail them. Why? There are neurological problems, medical conditions and physical issues that may result in your failing the test.

DUI fines, fees and assessments can cost you thousands

Fines for driving under the influence are extremely high in South Carolina, which is meant to be a deterrent. Unfortunately, some people are falsely accused and may even end up being convicted despite not driving while intoxicated.

The fines range from $400 up to $6,300, but those aren't all that add up. There are also assessments and surcharges.

A DUI in college can change the path of your life

You went out for drinks with your friends when you turned 21. The college has a dry campus, but you decided that it would be fine to bring a few drinks back with you. You had one drink the entire night, so you drove your friends around to party.

Later that evening, you all went out to your vehicle and hopped in. You were thinking about going out to the local bars. Unfortunately, on your way off the campus, you ended up hitting someone on a bicycle when they suddenly entered the roadway.

3 types of driver's licenses you might qualify for after a DUI

One of the impacts of a drunk driving conviction in South Carolina is that you can lose your ability to drive legally. A drivers' license suspension is one of the primary sentences that you can receive. Some individuals might not realize that there may be options that you can utilize to enable you to drive in a limited capacity.

The exact type of license you're eligible for depends on several factors. Your attorney can help determine if you may qualify for one. Knowing the differences between them is beneficial so you understand what you can do.

What is an ignition interlock device and how it is used?

South Carolina has some strict laws against drunk driving. The tiered system increases the penalties with each subsequent conviction. These include time in jail, fines, community service, alcohol treatment programs, ignition interlock device installation and several other options.

It is up to the court to decide what is appropriate for a person who's convicted, but there are minimums that apply to most convictions. There are also penalties for refusing to take a chemical test if one is requested.

Why can a DUI lead to a job loss?

Being able to drive is essential for many day-to-day activities. It gives you the freedom to see friends, take vacations and go to shopping malls. But it's likely that you'll depend on your car for one thing in particular -- going to work and earning an income.

Therefore, if you are facing DUI charges, you'll probably be concerned with the effect that these charges could have on your future. You may have heard horror stories about friends of friends who have lost their jobs, and in turn their homes and their spouses, due to a DUI charge. There are several reasons why a DUI can lead to a job loss, and the following is an overview of the main reasons.

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