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21-year-old says drunk state senator struck her from behind

Auto crash victim wants State Sen. Paul Campbell to be held accountable for causing her accident and injuries. According to the crash victim, Sen. Campbell drove into the back of her vehicle while intoxicated, but he has yet to face the consequences.

According to police, the state senator hit the woman while they were traveling near each other on Interstate 26. The woman, represented by her attorney, is asking the senator to accept responsibility. However, the senator claims that his wife was driving the car when the accident occurred.

The SR22: Insurance coverage after a DUI

Many different impacts can come from a drunk driving conviction. You probably know about the time in jail, the driver's license suspension, the fines and other similar points. What you might not be prepared for is the increase in the insurance premiums that you have to pay if you plan on driving a vehicle.

In South Carolina, you have to get proof of SR22 insurance if your driver's license was suspended or if you are convicted of a DUI. You will have to carry this special insurance for up to three years.

Don't let a drunk driving charge ruin the winter holidays

Have you made any plans for the winter holidays yet? If you have, make sure you are making plans for getting home safely after you have a few drinks at the parties. It is imperative that you do this for each event you are invited to because nothing will put a damper on the holiday season like having to face criminal charges.

Of course, even the best laid plans can change. There might be a time when you aren't able to find a ride home. Your only option might be to try to make it home yourself. This is a dangerous prospect because you might not be able to safely drive. Plus, you might be pulled over by police officers if they suspect you are driving drunk. In truth, you might just be tired and not even drunk, but you might be pulled over anyway.

DUI Checkpoints and Your Job: What You Need To Know

It can happen to anyone: You have a few beers or drinks with some friends, and suddenly it's later than you planned and you've got to figure out how you'll get home. You think you're fine to drive, and you're going down the highway without any issues. Suddenly, you see flashing lights ahead of you - it's a DUI checkpoint.

You know you're not drunk, but you start to sweat and get nervous about what the cops will think about you driving with any alcohol in your system. Your mind starts racing with questions. "Are they going to find ways to say that I'm close to the limit?" "What if they make me walk the line or touch my fingers to my nose?"

Then, it hits you, the only question that really matters other than "am I going to jail?": "Will I lose my job because of this DUI checkpoint?"

It's possible, and more likely than it's ever been before.

Beyond the sentence: Collateral consequences of convictions

Criminal charges of all sorts come with specific penalties that you need to think carefully about when you are preparing your defense. Many people think about the court-imposed or direct consequences of these charges but they don't think about the collateral consequences.

A direct consequence is one that the court is authorized to impose. Incarceration, fines, community service and probation are some of these. All of these are covered by the sentencing guidelines at the state or federal level.

Don't lose your wits when a police cruiser pulls you over

Drunk driving charges are often a horrible end to a fun night. You and your friends might have been out at a bonfire or watching the big game. The enjoyment of the night came to a screeching halt when you see the police cruiser with the lights flashing.

If you are facing a drunk driving charge, you need to think carefully about how you are going to proceed. In fact, your thoughts about the case can start as soon as you know you are being pulled over. You can remember that you have specific rights, including the right to remain silent and the right to have your lawyer with you when you are being questioned.

Police tactics used to stop drunk drivers in their tracks

Just about everyone knows that drunk driving is against the law in South Carolina. What some people might not realize is that this state uses a multifacted approach to help stop drunk drivers in their tracks. The police tactics are often the ones that get drunk drivers off the roads, while the judicial system works to issue punishments and to keep drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel again.

The use of sobriety checkpoints is one tactic that police in this state can utilize. These checkpoints must include a systemic approach to stopping vehicles to check drivers. For example, police officers might choose to stop every fourth vehicle that comes through the checkpoint.

Will dash cam footage make an impact on your DUI case?

Knowing the points that you have to think about when you are arrested for a drunk driving charge might help you when you are planning your defense. You have to remember that the penalties for these charges are very serious and should provide you with a reason to work hard on the defense.

One thing that matters in South Carolina is dash cam footage. This isn't the case in all states, but it could make a big difference in your case here.

Each point in a DUI case might be a defense point

We recently discussed some of the specific points that can come into the picture when you are arrested for drunk driving. Each of the points of your case is one that could potentially be a focus of your defense. When we review your case to determine what defense strategies to consider, we look into all of these points.

The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test that is involved in your case is an important point. There are instances in which we can call these results into question. You have to think carefully about the circumstances of the testing so that we can determine if this is a consideration.

The amount of alcohol in your system is vitally important

When you are facing drunk driving charges, there are several different points that you need to carefully consider. One of these has to do with the blood alcohol concentration percentage that is associated with your case. This is important because it is often central to the case against you. However, that isn't the only reason it is important.

Your blood alcohol concentration percentage is a good indicator of how the alcohol is impacting your mental, physical and cognitive abilities. The higher the BAC, the more pronounced the negative impacts.

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