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Charleston Premises Liability Lawyers

Handling Dangerous Property Claims Throughout South Carolina

Were you or a loved one injured as a result of an unsafe condition, unmarked hazard, or improper maintenance on another person’s property? Whether it is a slip-and-fall, a dog bite, or other property related injury, you may be able to recover payment for medical, bills, lost wages, and other damages. At Drennan Law Firm our Charleston premises liability attorneys are available to answer your questions and help to relieve some of your stress.

Common Property Injuries

Property injuries can result from any unsafe or hazardous conditions on a property. Some of the most common causes of serious injuries involving unsafe or dangerous property include:

  • Slip-and-Falls – One of the most common types of injuries that can occur on a property are slip-and-falls. This could be due to water that is not cleaned up, unmaintained areas such as loose stones on walkways, and loose carpets or area rugs.
  • Dog Bites – A dog bite can lead to a serious injury and result in high medical costs as well as emotional damage and on-going fear from the incident.
  • Swimming Pool Accidents – Swimming pools may not only be the site of drownings or other water-related injuries, but also dangerous falls (if emptied during the off-season).
  • Negligent Security – The property owner is required to maintain an adequate security for those who are on their property. When failing to do so incurs injury or damage to another person or their property, the owner could be held liable.
  • Hazardous Stairways – Loose stairs, banisters, and railings can lead to high falls that can result in severe neck, back, and muscle injuries.

Can I Sue If I’m Hurt In A Store Or Restaurant?

As patrons of restaurants, grocery stores and other facilities, we have every right to expect these places will be safe, free from dangerous conditions that could cause serious harm. But all too often they are not.

Slip-and-fall accidents and other injuries in public places are all too common. Unfortunately, many people who are hurt in a restaurant or store are reluctant to sue. Either they think the accident was their fault, they don’t think their injuries are significant enough to sue or they just never get around to calling an attorney.

At Drennan Law Firm, our lawyers will fight for you. Even if you think your injuries are insignificant, it’s worth calling. We can help you determine whether you have a viable case. We serve clients in Mount Pleasant, Charleston and the surrounding areas of South Carolina.

Accidents In Public Places

In legal terms, we call it “premises liability”. Property owners are responsible for keeping their place safe for visitors. When there are dangerous conditions on the property and someone gets hurt as a result, the victim can bring a legal claim against the owner or manager for compensation.

These premises liability accidents can occur in any public place, but restaurants and stores are the most common. Accidents can include:

  • Slip and fall: These are by far the most common of these accidents and are usually the result of some kind of spill that didn’t get cleaned up.
  • Falling debris: It’s not uncommon, especially at some of the big-box stores, to have heavy items stacked poorly on upper shelves. Too often, these items fall on people and cause serious injuries.
  • Falls: Sometimes stairways and escalators are in unsafe condition, and other times people can’t reach items on upper shelves and they fall trying to reach them.

All of these injuries are significant. It is important to talk with a lawyer who can help you understand your rights and talk you through the process of bringing a legal claim.

At Drennan Law Firm, our Charleston premises liability lawyers will fight for you and help you get the best compensation award possible. Call us at 843-352-4149 or contact us online.

Stores Must Be Safe For Shoppers

Premises liability comes in a host of forms. One of the types that people might think about has to do with going to the store. When you go shopping, you probably assume that the store will be safe for people who are doing business there. While most of the time, all is well, sometimes things go wrong.

Accidents that occur at a store can lead to several different types of injuries. Some, such as those to the brain and spinal cord, are very serious. Here are some important things to know about shopping accidents:

The Parking Lot is Included

Accidents occur in the parking lot. This can be due to an uneven surface, inadequate lighting or improper signage. Slippery conditions due to rain or frost can also cause issues. Even loose gravel might lead to a person slipping and falling. The property owner has a duty to keep the parking lot safe for people who will be shopping.

Inside of the Store

One of the biggest issues that might occur inside of the store is a wet floor. Stores need to ensure that the entrance is clean and dry. This can be difficult when it rains or when there is snow or ice but having blowers and mats helps. At a minimum, any wet spots in the store should be clearly marked with a wet floor sign.

Another issue is falling merchandise. Store employees must ensure that anything on shelves is properly placed. Putting things that are too heavy or unstable on upper shelves could lead to the items falling on top of customers. The shelving unit might also fall.

Lax Security Problems

Stores must plan for events that are going to bring out a lot of customers. Black Friday is one example. Patrons can be trampled or shoved to the point that injuries occur. These are even be fatal in some cases! Having a plan for large crowds and making sure that security is available to handle incidents can reduce these dangers.

There are many factors that come into the picture when you are dealing with an injury that occurred while shopping. You might decide to seek compensation for the damages you have to deal with due to the injuries. This is handled in the civil court system, but you must act quickly. You only have three years to file your claim from the date of the injury.

Can I Make a Claim After Being Injured in the Gym?

When you work out in the gym, there are always risks that you undertake. In order to get more fit, you must put your body under some type of strain, and, ideally, you should perform cardio vascular activities by working to increase your heart rate. In addition, when weight lifting, improvement can only be gained by steadily increasing the weight in order to push your body further.

In this way, a large part of injury prevention in the gym comes down to common sense and taking responsibility for the stress that you put your body under. It requires that you take the gym seriously and understand the risks. However, there are times when the gym itself is completely responsible for the injury to one of its customers.

When is the gym responsible?

The gym must look out for the safety of customers at all times. This means that they must make sure that the gym is a safe space, and they should develop policies and procedures for the maintenance of gym safety.

Therefore, if a piece of equipment is faulty and there has been no “out of order” sign placed upon it, it will most likely be the gym’s fault if a user becomes injured and files a liability claim. Similarly, trips and falls due to broken mirror glass, spilled water, or abandoned weights will also most likely be ruled the fault of the gym, since the gym staff should be constantly checking for hazards such as these.

How is liability determined?

Liability law is applicable to all properties that hosted a visitor. The first factor of liability law looks at the legal status of the visitor. For example, if the person using the gym was a trespasser on the property rather than a paying member, the case may be assessed differently. In addition, the foreseeability of the accident is assessed, and it is considered whether gym staff could have realistically prevented or predicted the incident.

If you have been injured in a South Carolina gym, it is a good idea to question whether you believe the staff could have prevented the incident before taking action.

Why Should You Contact an Attorney?

You will want to contact legal counsel immediately following your property injury. An attorney will be able to review the details of your case, assess the damage of the claim, and put together witness information and other necessary evidence.

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