Drug Trafficking Charges — We Fight Them In South Carolina

If you’re convicted of drug trafficking charges, you will spend multiple years in prison (up to 30 years). It doesn’t matter if you weren’t trying to or intending to sell the amount of drugs that were in your possession. You face drug trafficking charges whether or not you were transporting the amount.

Drug trafficking is purely about the quantity of drugs that are claimed to have been in your possession. Prior drug crime convictions will enhance the severity of the penalties that you face.

Whatever the drug, be it cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana or an illegally obtained prescription drug, you will be charged based on the volume or weight that law enforcement officers claim to have found in your possession.

Personalized Defense Against Serious Drug Charges

At Drennan Law Firm – serving clients in the Charleston area – we can minimize the consequences that you face and build a case to vigorously defend your rights and freedoms.

Members of our skilled defense team provide each of our clients with personalized service. We will consistently update you on the progress of your case, relieve you of legal burdens and independently investigate all aspects of your case.

Defenses to Drug Trafficking the Importance of a Great Lawyer

You have legal options, and we will address each one of them specifically in regard to your case and opportunities. Things that we will look into closely include:

  • If the drugs found in your presence were actually yours
  • Your medical history and possible need for marijuana, a narcotic or a prescription drug
  • If you had knowledge of the drugs found in your possession
  • If law enforcement officers had probable cause to search your vehicle or residence
  • If officers had probable cause to stop your vehicle
  • If officers obtained a search warrant
  • If you were advised of your full Miranda rights
  • Where and how the quantity of drugs was weighed or counted
  • The authenticity of witness testimony
  • Factors that may have contributed to your possession of a large quantity of drugs

If you were charged with drug trafficking anywhere in South Carolina, our law firm can assist in your defense. We can defend your case at trial and on appeal in county, state or federal court. We will fight for your rights and freedoms.

We Stand Up for You, and We Won’t Back Down

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