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Traffic Violations Can Be Defended and Won

A traffic ticket is not the worst type of trouble with the law, for sure — but a traffic violation citation is potentially more serious than just fines doubling in work zones. It is more than a simple annoyance or administrative detail. Just paying a traffic ticket to get it out of the way can have long-term consequences such as:

  • Steep fines and fees
  • Raised auto insurance rates
  • Difficulty obtaining auto insurance
  • Points added to your driving record, which may add up and trigger a driver’s license suspension or even losing your driver’s license

A traffic violations record may also influence a jury in any future personal injury case. Speeding or reckless driving citations on your record may affect a potential liability claim in case of an accident.

Thousands of Speeding And Traffic Tickets Handled With Over 20 Years of Experience!

Whether you are a South Carolina resident or are just visiting the state, if you have been charged with a traffic violation it is a good idea to talk to a lawyer before paying the ticket (which is by nature an admission of guilt). At Drennan Law Firm, our traffic violations attorneys bring a great deal of experience to the task of representing clients in Mt. Pleasanton, Charleston and throughout South Carolina charged with offenses such as:

Some traffic violations are more serious and require more time and effort to resolve. Mr. Drennan‘s extensive experience advocating for people charged with serious crimes is valuable for clients facing charges of:

Our traffic ticket attorneys want to be able to help you avoid the serious implications of traffic tickets, such as insurance rates going up, complications with your insurance company, fines, getting your driver’s license taken away and a bad driving record.

We Get Results for Drivers Charged With Speeding Tickets And Other Traffic Violations

In many cases, legal clients of Drennan Law Firm come looking for legal counsel regarding a serious criminal matter such as a drug crime or DUI — and they also have traffic tickets. We help these clients and others at very reasonable rates.

Contact the traffic ticket attorneys at Drennan Law Firm for help in Mount Pleasant or throughout the Charleston area. Our traffic violations attorneys can evaluate your case and offer clear direction toward a successful defense.

The law firm represents drivers ticketed anywhere in South Carolina, including the Interstate 26, I-95 and U.S. 17 corridors. Clients who have received traffic tickets in the Charleston metro area, in other cities and towns, near beaches, on highways and elsewhere are welcome to contact us. We are ready to help you with your legal and criminal law issues.

Preventing Or Ending Driver’s License Suspension

Prevention is the best cure when it comes to preserving your driving privileges. Fighting each traffic violation is also important for avoiding loss of your driver’s license.

Perhaps you have racked up too many moving violations or neglected to appear at a DMV hearing by mistake. You may have received a notification from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that your driving privileges may be suspended for these or other reasons. Other triggers for driver’s license suspension in South Carolina include:

  • Excessive points for a minor
  • Operating an uninsured vehicle
  • Allowing an uninsured driver to operate your car or truck

If you believe you are at risk of a driver’s license suspension for any reason, contact our law firm in Mt. Pleasanton or Charleston.

What if your driver’s license was already suspended? Drennan Law Firm is a valuable source of information and advocacy for you. A lawyer at our firm can help you explore options for reinstatement of your license. Perhaps the annual week of driver’s license suspension amnesty is approaching. If so, we can make sure you understand how to take advantage of that opportunity to terminate your license suspension early. You may have other options. Knowing the laws and your rights is one of the best ways to prevent or fight a loss of driving privileges.

Addressing Other Legal Issues Resulting From Traffic Stops

Were you stopped in traffic because a police officer thought you were driving erratically? Did that officer then bring drug crime charges, a DUI charge or accusations of child endangerment, in addition to a speeding citation or another type of traffic ticket? Criminal matters such as these often come to light together with traffic tickets. Our defense law firm is prepared to consider your entire legal situation and advise on how you should proceed. We can represent you in DMV hearings and/or in any court of law — municipal, state or other.

Was the traffic stop itself unjustified? We may discover that the law enforcement agent did not have a valid reason to pull you over in the first place — and all charges may be dismissed.

Alternatively, our firm may be able to get your traffic ticket reduced to a lower-level offense. Regardless of your other legal issues, a favorable outcome for your traffic violation may prove important to your overall case outcome. It pays off to pursue the best resolution you can to your traffic ticket, as well as more serious legal matters.

Attention, Truckers And Other Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Holders

If you drive for a living, your defense needs are extra-important to your ability to continue with your occupation. Be sure to mention your commercial driver’s license (CDL) when you contact one of our defense lawyers at Drennan Law Firm.

It is not only traffic tickets occurring during commercial driving activities that can bring troubles to commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders. You should be aware that traffic tickets occurring during your private life, whether in South Carolina or elsewhere, may also threaten your commercial driver’s license (CDL). If you drive passenger vehicles like buses and get a traffic ticket while transporting people or while driving a private vehicle, your CDL privileges may be affected. Traffic violations on your record could affect your ongoing employment.

Even if your ticket was received out of state, but you live in South Carolina with a CDL based here (or vice versa), your CDL may be at risk. Do not delay. We urge you to call our law offices — the sooner, the better. The earlier you have a skilled attorney on your case, the more options you will have for a satisfactory resolution. Your driving record and your livelihood may be at risk.

When Professional Certifications Are At Risk

Health care providers and other professionals typically must renew professional certifications periodically. If you were given a traffic ticket for a serious offense such as reckless driving or driving many miles per hour over the speed limit, you have double concerns:

  • You need to get the best defense you can to prevent that citation from staying on your record.
  • You may also need representation before a professional licensing board.

Our attorneys are skilled advocates, ready to defend your best interests before any regulatory board, as well as before a court of law. As former prosecutors — and one a former police officer — we are knowledgeable and equipped to bring deep insights into traffic violations cases. We can advise you and represent you in any related criminal defense or regulatory matter.

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