Getting Hired After A DUI

The collateral consequences of a drunk driving arrest and conviction can be just as — if not more — damaging than the criminal consequences. Having a conviction on your record can haunt you for the rest of your life as you attempt to make a living and keep the lights on for your family.

How A DUI Impacts Your Job Prospects In South Carolina

Criminal background checks are conducted for almost all employment these days and having a drunk driving conviction is a tie breaker that won’t work in your favor during the hiring process. Finding a job can be like trying to win a foot race after starting a few meters behind the starting line.

If you are convicted of drinking and driving in South Carolina, your prospects and opportunities can also be greatly reduced if you make a living in a particular field of work. For example, it will be nearly impossible to get a job as a truck, bus or commercial vehicle driver. In the short term this is due to the suspension of your commercial driver’s license (CDL). In the long term this is due to the presence of a driving-related criminal conviction showing up on your record during background checks.

It can also be difficult to gain employment in positions of trust or great responsibility such as a school teacher or other professions that require licensing.

The bottom line: You will be at a considerable disadvantage with a DUI conviction on your permanent record. Nearly every employer will perform a criminal background check before hiring you, and a DUI conviction is a criminal conviction in South Carolina.

Challenges Of Getting A Job After A DUI

In addition to having trouble due to the loss of your CDL or DUI being a bad look on a criminal background check, you may also have trouble getting a job after a DUI conviction due to the snowball effect of one bad thing leading to another.

It’s possible you’ve heard the saying “success breeds success”. Unfortunately, the opposite can also be true. If your DUI leads to the loss of your driver’s license you’ll have a hard time getting around town which can limit your employment opportunities. Being out of work for a period of time can leave a gap in your employment record that prospective employers may be nervous or suspicious about, making it harder to get back into the job market once your DUI-related criminal and licensing issues are resolved.

You may also have trouble finding work that pays you enough to cover your newfound expenses such as increased auto insurance rates. The high cost of insurance is another of those harmful collateral consequences experienced by those convicted of DUI in South Carolina.

How To Get A Job After A DUI

The cat’s already out of the bag; you’ve been convicted of a DUI and paid your debt to society. Now what?

Honesty is your friend. Despite the negative connotations of having a DUI on your record, most people still believe that poor decision doesn’t make someone a bad person. If you’re asked about your record in an interview, be honest about it. Being willing to talk about your past and the steps you’ve taken to make a better future can help you connect with a hiring manager and demonstrate your maturity.

Stay out of trouble. If your license is suspended after a DUI, don’t drive a car. Not even “just this once”. Having additional criminal issues from driving with a suspended license will only dig your hole deeper and make it that much harder to find employment. Having multiple DUI offenses on your record aggressively works against you, leaving employers to wonder if you are capable of learning from your mistakes.

Some of the groundwork for getting a job after a DUI is done by hiring an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible after your DUI arrest. At Drennan Law Firm we work to limit the damage our clients in the Charleston area face from DUI charges. This means seeking to have charges reduced or challenging evidence at trial where possible to seek a dismissal of the charges. Limiting the damage up front goes a long way toward limiting the damage that is done to your future.

Retain Strong Legal Defense Representation For DUI

At Drennan Law Firm, we will help clients throughout the Charleston area reduce the charges they face and protect their freedoms. Getting a felony DUI reduced to a misdemeanor or getting a misdemeanor DUI reduced to a non-moving violation, reckless driving or other charge can make a world of difference for your future and your job prospects.

We have successfully reduced the charges that many of our clients face (and sometimes get cases dismissed entirely), protect clients’ driving privileges and guard their reputations.

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