Traffic Violation Lawyers Serving Clients Throughout South Carolina

Traffic Violations Can Be Defended and Won

A traffic ticket is not the worst type of trouble with the law, for sure — but a traffic violation citation is potentially more serious than just fines doubling in work zones. It is more than a simple annoyance or administrative detail. Just paying a traffic ticket to get it out of the way can have long-term consequences such as:

  • Steep fines and fees
  • Raised auto insurance rates
  • Difficulty obtaining auto insurance
  • Points added to your driving record, which may add up and trigger a driver's license suspension

Thousands of Tickets Handled With Over 20 Years of Experience!

Whether you are a South Carolina resident or are just visiting the state, if you have been charged with a traffic violation it is a good idea to talk to a lawyer before paying the ticket (which is by nature an admission of guilt). At Drennan Law Firm, our traffic violations attorneys bring a great deal of experience to the task of representing clients in Charleston and throughout South Carolina charged with offenses such as:

Some traffic violations are more serious and require more time and effort to resolve. Mr. Drennan's extensive experience advocating for people charged with serious crimes is valuable for clients facing charges of:

We Get Results for Drivers Charged With Violations

In many cases, clients of Drennan Law Firm come looking for legal counsel regarding a serious criminal matter such as a drug crime or DUI — and they also have traffic tickets. We help these clients and others at very reasonable rates. Contact Drennan Law Firm for help in Mount Pleasant or throughout the Charleston area. Our traffic violations attorneys can evaluate your case and offer clear direction toward a successful defense. The law firm represents drivers ticketed anywhere in South Carolina, including the Interstate 26, I-95 and U.S. 17 corridors.