Dorchester County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

More Vehicles Mean More Traffic Tickets Are Being Issued

Dorchester County has been growing steadily. There are more cars on our roads, and more police officers are out there, waiting to make traffic stops.

In 2000, the Census Bureau reported about 100,000 residents lived in the county, and an estimated 160,000 live there now. Because many of those people drive, the roads and highways are getting busier and traffic stops are more common. If you were issued a traffic ticket in Dorchester County, call the knowledgeable attorneys at Drennan Law Firm.

A recent study reported that several routes through Dorchester County carry over 40,000 cars each day. Two routes on Interstate 95 average over 44,000 cars daily. They are U.S. 78 to U.S. 178 and U.S. 178 to Interstate 26.

Reasonable Suspicion Is Required

Traffic stops range from simple violations like speeding to the more serious, including driving under the influence. Still, all levels should be taken seriously. You should make sure the officer had a legitimate reason for the stop and acted reasonably.

Traffic Violations Carry Penalties

Many people do not worry about traffic tickets, which can seem like an inconvenience at most. Many drivers who are wrongly ticketed do not want to go through the trouble of fighting the ticket. They pay the ticket, thinking that is the end of the problem.

In some cases, however, it does not end there. If you pay the fine, you are admitting guilt. There will be points on your license and possible financial issues.

There Are Three Ways To Deal With A Ticket

They include:

Paying the fine

  • This is an admission of guilt. You are waiving your opportunity to challenge the ticket in court.
  • Depending on your driving record (and the points on your license), your driving rights could be suspended.
  • Insurance rates could increase.

Requesting a mitigation hearing

If you admit guilt, but want to find a resolution that fits your life and budget, you can request a hearing to:

  • Have your fine reduced
  • Request community service
  • Set up a payment plan

Requesting a contested hearing

  • You are challenging the ticket. Many tickets are issued incorrectly, yet few are disputed.

We Can Help Protect Your Rights After A Traffic Ticket

At Drennan Law Firm, our experienced South Carolina lawyers can help you deal with threats to your driving rights in Dorchester County. Contact our Mount Pleasant office at 843-352-4149 or visit our Contact page.