Why Hire A Lawyer For A Speeding Ticket

Few things in life are more of a hassle than speeding tickets. No one wants to visit the DMV, appear before a judge or go too much out of their way to fight it. The idea of paying the fine to make the ticket go away is certainly appealing. Unfortunately, paying for your ticket doesn’t really make the trouble go away. In fact, failure to fight your current ticket can lead to long-term consequences such as higher fines and fees, increased auto insurance rates and points on your driving record that could contribute to the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license.

“Making it go away” doesn’t sound quite as appealing anymore does it?

“No, it certainly doesn’t, but what else can I do about it? I’m not a lawyer, I’m not rich and I’ve got a busy life.”

Your other option is to fight the ticket with the help of an experienced South Carolina traffic defense attorney who can focus on your traffic issues while you live your life. In the Charleston area that means reaching out to Drennan Law Firm for proven help challenging speeding tickets and other traffic violations. We have demonstrated our skill on behalf of drivers in South Carolina and those from out-of-state who cannot easily return to Charleston for a hearing.

Hiring a lawyer for your speeding ticket may not have been your first thought, but it can make all the difference in the outcome of your case and protect your future from complications. Your defense can start with a simple phone call. You can reach us anytime by calling 843-352-4149 for a free consultation.

What Does A Speeding Ticket Lawyer Do?

A successful speeding ticket lawyer will obtain the best possible outcome in a speeding ticket case based on the available facts. The best possible outcome is different in each case, and the same exact outcome could be considered disappointing in one case while being an extraordinary triumph in another. A lawyer’s experience, thorough preparation and negotiating skill can make all the difference in the outcome of a speeding ticket challenge.

For example, a speeding ticket for going for 11 mph over the posted speed limit being reduced from four points to two points may be considered a disappointment if there are legitimate questions as to the accuracy of the evidence used to issue the speeding ticket. The same reduction to two points would be considered a spectacular result for someone who was cited going 15 mph in a school zone or speeding through a crosswalk.

At Drennan Law Firm, we begin by examining the underlying evidence. Where were you pulled over? Was the ticket based on a radar gun? If so, was the gun properly calibrated? Was the ticket issued as part of a speed trap campaign? The answers to such questions will help lay the foundation for challenging the ticket.

We will also take your previous record into consideration when devising a defense strategy. If you are two points away from your license being suspended, it may be necessary to pursue the legal equivalent of a “Hail Mary” pass in football to avoid those last two points. If your driving record is clean, there is more flexibility in how to approach the case while still protecting your interests as pleading down to a less damaging ticket is possible.

Benefits Of Hiring A Lawyer To Fight A Speeding Ticket

One of the chief benefits of hiring a lawyer to fight your speeding ticket in South Carolina is that they’ve been there before. They know what it’s like to fight a traffic ticket, they understand the likely outcomes, and they can prepare you for the road ahead. As you worry about your future and consider the possible damage from a ticket, having a lawyer who can answer your questions can provide you with peace of mind.

How To Hire A Lawyer To Fight A Speeding Ticket

There’s no right or wrong way to find and hire a traffic ticket lawyer or law firm to challenge your speeding ticket. All that matters is that you find one who you trust to achieve the best possible result for you. The right attorney for you may not be the right attorney for someone else, and that is okay.

If you have friends, family or coworkers who have challenged a traffic ticket in the Charleston area, their personal recommendation is a good place to start. Were they satisfied with the outcome they received? Did the attorney they work with have good “bedside manner”? Did their communication styles mesh well?

Even if you receive a referral from a loved one, it is worth your time to do some additional research. Go online and see if the attorney or firm has a website. Are there testimonials from other clients? Can you find reviews on platforms such as Google, Facebook or Avvo? Do any of those reviews speak to issues that are important for you as you consider attorneys?

If that attorney or firm still looks good to you after doing some preliminary research, the next step is meeting them in person. Your free initial consultation is a chance to gauge whether they have “it.” – it being whatever qualities make you feel comfortable with them and confident in their ability to achieve the best possible outcome in your speeding ticket case. After all, the right attorney on paper may not be the right attorney in person.

Affordable Representation For South Carolina Speeding Tickets

You don’t have to live with the consequences of a speeding ticket or other moving violation; you can challenge the ticket without going broke or spending a month in a law library. From our offices in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, our team at Drennan Law Firm is ready to help. We are equipped to fight to reduce the damage you face as a result of traffic tickets and protect your record. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation with a proven traffic defense lawyer.