Don’t Just Pay Speeding Ticket Fines Without Consulting Our Experienced Defense Lawyers

We Fight & Beat Speeding Tickets

Were you caught in a speed trap in South Carolina and cited for traveling faster than the posted speed limit?

At Drennan Law Firm, we hope you will not fall into another trap — the idea that “just paying your ticket,” online or otherwise, is the best way to deal with it.

Before you go along with the speeding ticket, keep in mind that speeding tickets overall constitute one of the largest industries in the United States. Targeting people who are going about their business on our streets and highways, law enforcement agencies enhance government revenues through frivolous, unmerited, unproven and unnecessary speeding citations.

There are always exceptions. Someone traveling at 100 mph, zooming through an intersection without looking or flying through a school zone or crosswalk, obviously poses hazards to the public and should be held accountable.

Your Case Can Be Defended Cost-Effectively

Many, many other speeding tickets, however, are issued on the basis of highly questionable evidence. Police and sheriffs may believe that people will not pay a lawyer a high fee in exchange for possible dismissal of a relatively low-cost speeding ticket. Key points that they — and you — may not take into account include:

  • Laser and radar equipment is often inaccurate and does not necessarily tell the truth regarding a car’s true speed.
  • Paying your traffic ticket is equivalent to pleading guilty.
  • A speeding ticket on your record now may set the scene for serious problems with your driver’s license in case of other traffic violations in the future.
  • Any traffic violations on your driving record are likely to increase your insurance rates. Paying a speeding ticket may be way more costly in the long run than you imagined it could be.

Protect your good driving record and your good name. Discuss possible defenses in your speeding ticket case with our attorneys.

Moving Violation? We Can Defend You Affordably.

From law offices in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, speeding ticket attorneys at the Drennan Law firm fight for the interests of clients throughout South Carolina’s Low Country. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.