We Win High Breath Test Cases

Sometimes clients approach Drennan Law Firm with a sense that their cases are hopeless. “There is no way you can get me a good outcome after I tested so high on the Breath test,” they may say. Our attorneys, however, never consider a case hopeless without investigating the facts in detail.

If you have been in a room like this and blown into a breath machine you want someone who knows the ins and outs of the machine. Our attorneys understand the principals of how the machine works, and we have also purchased a DATAMASTER DMT for research independent testing and to run test/drinking simulations.

An Informed Defense Team On Your Side

Our team has a firm understanding of the DataMaster and other law enforcement technology, allowing us to provide sound defenses for clients facing all types of DUI charges. This means that we know to look for extenuating circumstances could make it difficult to impossible to rely on a DataMaster data to make well-justified decisions about a DUI case. A person with gastric reflux, dental work, environmental factors, medication, diabetes and asthma likely get skewed results on a DataMaster test.

We Handle Even The Most Challenging Cases

Certain types of DUI cases are extra challenging and require careful research and skillfully crafted arguments. For example, drivers who refuse to take the breath test or blow higher than .15 are subject to automatic revocation of their driver’s licenses for 60 days or longer by way of the implied consent laws.

In the face of great odds against a driver who has been charged with DUI, Drennan Law Firm can guide you through all stages of the legal process and put you on even footing with prosecutors.

Case Example

The key to a good outcome in a case may come from any number of surprising sources. For example, one client of Drennan Law Firm was involved in a traffic accident. The impact of the crash burst the air bag, spreading talcum powder inside the bag throughout the car. The driver then took a DataMaster test, and registered .25%.

We handled that case and argued in court on behalf of our client about the inaccuracies of the BAC DataMaster test results. We explained that in situations where the Tyndall Effect occurs, as well as in instances of gastric reflex disease or when a person wears dentures, a DataMaster may misread a substance as deep lung ethanol molecules, resulting in a compromised elevated alcohol reading. Results of a DataMaster test cannot be considered reliable, then, when particles of substances such as talcum powder are present. In cases such as these, the breath results have been suppressed and/or charges dismissed. The accused emerged from the case with no criminal record.

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The Drennan Law Firm owns a Datamaster DMT and regularly conduct test on clients and the machine itself to better assist the client in combating a high reading case!

Whatever the explanation is for the high breath test results when you were stopped for DUI in South Carolina, remember that Drennan Law Firm is here for you. High breath test? This may not be an obstacle in your case. Contact us by phone or e-mail to schedule a consultation with a drunk driving defense attorney in the area of Charleston. High breath test? We welcome your inquiry.