We Win Tough DUI Cases

Whereas some law firms may shy away from tough cases, tough cases are what we do at Drennan Law Firm. Clients usually realize they have a tough case for reasons such as the following:

  • They “failed” the field sobriety tests.
  • They tested at a high blood alcohol level on a Breathalyzer.
  • Law enforcement charged them with felony-level DUI crimes.
  • They possess commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) and have their entire livelihoods at stake.
  • Their professional licenses (such as licenses to practice medicine) are at risk.
  • If they are convicted, they will have second or third offenses on their records — and risk losing their driving privileges for a very long time, perhaps even permanently.

Residents and visitors to the Charleston area of South Carolina look to Drennan Law Firm to fight on their behalf in the face of great odds, in many cases. Time and again, our DUI attorneys have obtained favorable outcomes for clients burdened with difficult DUI defense cases. Contact our firm to learn how we can turn things around for you as you face the high-stakes challenge of a difficult DUI case.

Fight A License Suspension

First, deal with and fight the automatic suspension of your driver’s license. In South Carolina, these automatic suspensions are:

  • First-offense conviction: six months, with provisional driving privileges possible
  • Second-offense conviction: one year, with no provisional driving privileges available if the DUI has fallen within 10 years of the first one
  • Third-offense conviction: two years, with no provisional driving privileges
  • Fourth-offense conviction: permanent driver’s license revocation

Don’t let the prosecutor and the police intimidate you. Hire a skilled lawyer and make them go through your lawyers to get to you. It’s not your job to plead guilty; it’s the state’s job to prove you are guilty!

DUI Charges in Charleston? Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys At Our Firm Can Defend You Affordably.

From our law offices in the Charleston area, drunk driving attorneys at our firm handle felony DUI cases and other challenging cases. Contact us to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer with no further obligation.