Reduce DUI Charges

Penalties for DUI convictions are steep, even for first-time offenders. On Oct. 1, 2014, Emma’s Law came into effect in South Carolina. The new law increased the severity of penalties for South Carolina DUI charges across the board.

All Convicted Offenders Are Exposed to the Ignition Interlock Device

Now, even first-time offenders face the prospect of mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device. This would prevent you from driving any vehicle you own without first blowing into the device to confirm that your blood alcohol content (BAC) is zero. You are required to install this device on all vehicles that you drive at your own expense, which costs an initial $1,000 for installation and about $130 each month for monitoring fees and other expenses.

What Will Reducing the DUI Charges Against You Do?

At Drennan Law Firm, we don’t just talk about achieving your best possible outcome. We follow through and fight to reduce DUI charges against our clients in the Charleston area.

  • It’s possible to reduce the charges against you to a non-moving violation, reckless driving, left of center moving violation or disorderly conduct.
  • It’s possible to get your DUI case dismissed entirely.
  • Anything short of DUI conviction is a win!

Pre-bargaining and negotiations with the prosecutor are important, but we prepare your case for trial from day one. We work to protect your driving privileges, job, reputation and freedoms. Getting the charges reduced is hard work, but it’s worth it when you face charges that will give you a permanent criminal record, possible jail time, increased insurance premiums and fines in the thousands of dollars.

The DUI penalties and consequences that you face could be reduced to much smaller fines, community service, alcohol intervention program attendance or even less.

The benefits of reducing the charges also may include safeguarding your reputation and ability to apply for job opportunities, college admission and loans.

Don’t Plead Guilty — Get the Charges Reduced!

Our goal is to get your case dismissed, but sometimes a DUI dismissal is not possible. We will fight to reduce the charges against you, protect your rights and reputation, and reduce the consequences you face with all available tools at our disposal.

Our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who know how to fight even the toughest DUI cases. Their knowledge in DUI cases runs deep, and they are committed to high-quality, responsive and personalized defense services.

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