Do Online BAC Calculators Work?

You can do just about everything online. From paying your bills to booking your next flight you rarely have to venture further than your smart phone to make it happen. Why should determining your blood alcohol content be any different?

The reason is that you have too much riding on an accurate BAC reading to leave it up to apps and websites that have not proven themselves highly reliable. Getting behind the wheel at .04 after checking in with an online calculator will do nothing to protect you from the legal and personal consequences of a drunk driving arrest if you are subsequently pulled over and blow a .09 on an accurately calibrated breath test machine.

Benefits Of Using An Online BAC Calculator

Like any other tool, there are benefits to using an online BAC calculators and free BAC calculator websites. If you’re looking for a “ballpark” range of where you’re at during an evening out, an online BAC calculator can help you decide whether or not to order that next drink. If you’re hoping to avoid a nasty hangover the next morning, you could use an online BAC to stay approximately below the legal limit and have a better chance of waking up feeling refreshed. These benefits exist despite the fact that it’s not a good idea to risk your finances and freedom on their results.

How To Calculate Your Blood Alcohol Content

Online BAC calculators typically ask you to enter your sex, height, and weight. Then you simply enter the drinks you’ve consumed. Some ask for more detail, such as the time of each drink and whether you’ve had food or water during that time period. Some have sophisticated databases that include a wide range of beers, wines, liquors and cocktails so you can get a more accurate BAC reading.

A general rule of thumb if you don’t have access to a calculator is to remember that the average person’s liver can fully process one alcoholic drink per hour. A drink in this formula is defined as one beer (4-5 percent alcohol by volume), one glass of wine (4 oz. pour), or one shot of liquor (whiskey, vodka, gin, etc.). If you are crushing 10% ABV double IPAs at the beach, this formula will not work for you.

Whether you are following the one drink per hour formula or logging into online BAC calculators, it cannot be stressed enough that they are just tools. Like any tool they are only as good as their weakest link. One forgotten drink, underestimated ABV or mistaken portion size can result in you being over the legal limit.

Effectiveness Of Online Blood Alcohol Calculators

Everybody is different. It’s a great future of our shared humanity that we are all unique. However, it’s not so great for BAC calculators. They are based on the assumption that two people of the same sex, height, and weight will process alcoholic beverages the same way. In real life that’s not always the case. While online BAC calculators can give you a general idea of your BAC, they are not effective enough to rely when you are questioning whether or not you should get behind the wheel. Remember, anytime you drive after having a drink you are placing yourself at risk for a DUI arrest. The only way to completely avoid that risk is to completely avoid drinking and driving no matter how little you believe you’ve had to drink.

What To Do If You Are Arrested For DUI

If you are arrested for DUI it’s crucial to have a skilled defense attorney looking out for your best interests. At Drennan Law Firm, we provide a tenacious defense against DUI charges for our clients in and around Charleston. Contact us anytime day or night for a free consultation.

BAC Calculator

Please note that this calculator is for educational use only, and should not be used to determine whether you are capable of driving. Do not rely on this calculator to decide whether or not it is lawful for you to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking.