Felony DUI Lawyers Serving The Charleston Area

We Handle Tough Felony DUI Cases

Any DUI charge is a tough legal matter in most cases. Toughest of all, perhaps, are felony DUI cases involving complications such as:

Far from avoiding tough felony DUI cases, our lawyers welcomes them and have helped many clients obtain favorable outcomes, including:

  • A felony charge being reduced to a misdemeanor
  • Case dismissed
  • Acquittal at trial
  • Victory on appeal

Were you charged with a felony DUI after being stopped at a roadblock checkpoint? Even if police cited poor outcomes for your field sobriety tests or breath test, Felony DUI attorneys at Drennan Law Firm offer a detailed case review and evaluation at the first consultation with no further obligation. We handle tough felony DUI cases — and have reached many notable victories for our clients.

What Can You Expect from Drennan Law Firm?

  • An in-depth investigation of all facts
  • A thorough review of the manner of arrest, to verify whether police violated your constitutional right to freedom from unlawful search and seizure
  • A detailed study of the prosecution’s claim regarding your implied consent. Did you, in fact, agree to take a breath test or blood test with full disclosure of your right to an attorney?

A felony DUI case is no simple matter, nor is it a matter to entrust to a firm that only dabbles in DUI defense. At Drennan Law Firm, our attorneys are current and knowledgeable in South Carolina DUI laws. Day in and day out, they are in court interacting with judges, prosecutors, police officers and hearing officers. We handle a case from start to finish, and have an excellent track record in all types of DUI cases.

When a case requires an appeal, we handle our own appellate work — and often wins upon appeal before the South Carolina Court of Appeals or the South Carolina Supreme Court. While many firms farm this work out to other firms, we have the knowledge and skill necessary to protect our clients at all levels of South Carolina courts. We are even prepared to take felony cases to the United States Supreme Court if necessary.

Charleston Attorneys At Drennan Law Firm Will Aggressively Defend You Against Felony DUI Charges

Drennan Law Firm reaches out to clients throughout the South Carolina Low Country from law offices in the Charleston area. Our felony DUI attorneys welcome your inquiry. Contact the law firm by phone or email.