South Carolina DUI Drug Laws

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If you have been arrested on charges of driving under the influence of illegal drugs, it is important for you to work closely with a DUI attorney who will stand hard and fast in support of your constitutional rights in all aspects of your case.

In the face of a drug-related DUI arrest, you should seek aggressive counsel and representation from a criminal defense lawyer. Your South Carolina DUI drug attorney should be prepared to firmly remind the prosecution of the state’s obligation to prove the charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt.

This includes challenging any evidence that was gathered unconstitutionally, making it inadmissible in the case against you. Just because you are suspected of operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs, it doesn’t mean you are forfeiting your rights regarding probable cause for a traffic stop or protection against illegal search and seizure.

Possession of Narcotics Does Not Prove Driving Impairment in South Carolina

Just because a prosecutor charges you with possession of illegal substances — and you were at the wheel of a vehicle at the time of your arrest — this is not sufficient evidence to convict you of driving while impaired. Even if your blood tests positive for the drug in question, the prosecution must prove that the level of the drug was enough to cause impairment. This principle applies regardless of whether street drugs, marijuana, prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications are in question.

Our Charleston-area DUI drug attorneys have extensive training and experience working with drug recognition experts (DREs) who test people for drug impairment. We are able to identify and articulate the apparent flaws in a DRE’s evaluation, as only a trained and experienced defense lawyer can do. The attorneys at our firm have helped many clients in the Charleston area and throughout the state fight some of the toughest drug-related DUI cases you can face.

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