Man faces possible DUI after truck gets stuck between trees

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The man was not seriously injured on Saturday night when his pickup truck flipped upwards and ended up nose-down between two trees with the truck bed in the air. The man was out of the car and walking around when police arrived on the scene just after 6 pm.

The accident took place near Colleton and the South Carolina Highway Patrol responded quickly. Police have not made a statement about any evidence gathered or investigations done at the scene, but the man may be charged with a DUI. There is no information about any breath tests or blood alcohol tests that may heave lead to this allegation.

A DUI charge is a very serious offense and can result in large fines and time in jail. Penalties generally vary based on the individual’s driving record and the circumstances surrounding the charge. If there was a crash involved and someone was injured, the penalties will likely be worse. DUI charges can also result in increased insurance rates for the driver. People facing a DUI charge should always consider all their options, even if it if seems like the police have sufficient evidence for a conviction.

It’s important to be informed about your rights if you face DUI allegations and may be helpful to consult an attorney. As in this case, police may cite someone for a DUI even if they don’t have specific evidence that the person was drinking, but the car crash appears to be a result of alcohol. Being arrested or charged for a DUI can be a shocking experience for many drivers, especially if they have also suffered from a car crash in the process.

Source: Colleton County, “Man injured after getting truck stuck in trees,” Cameron Easley, Feb. 21, 2012.

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