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July 2014 Archives

Man faces DUI after crashing into power pole in South Carolina

Driving a motor vehicle always comes with a certain amount of risk. This can come from other drivers or random obstacles on the road. However, these risks are multiplied for those who end up making the mistake of drinking and driving. It’s possible this was the case in a recent car accident in South Carolina, which resulted in a driver being charged with a DUI.

Underage DUI: Youth pressured by media to drink

Teenagers face a number of social pressures. Whether it's during high school or the early years of college, young people may feel compelled by their peers and popular media to consume alcohol. This takes place even before people have reached the legal age of consumption.

Taking a look at South Carolina's breath testing site mandates

Popular imagery of drunk driving arrests generally involves roadside field sobriety testing and breath tests. Although sobriety tests may come standard in South Carolina traffic stops for drunk driving, the breath test portion will probably look a little different.

Feds seek to impose new ignition interlock standards on states

Earlier this year, South Carolina lawmakers took steps to tighten the state's drunk driving laws, which were strict to begin with. As a result of this most recent round of changes, some first-time drunk driving offenders would be required to have an ignition interlock device installed. Up to that point, only repeat driving under the influence offenders faced this mandate.

Defining criteria for felony boating under the influence charges

In past blog posts, we've discussed how South Carolina statutes address boating under the influence. Essentially, the many of the same standards applied by law enforcement for land-based drivers also apply to boat operators.

Will South Carolina lawmakers lower legal limit for DUI?

For several years now, the defined legal limit for blood-alcohol concentration among South Carolina drivers has been 0.08 percent. The law wasn't always set at this benchmark, however. Federal officials pushed to reduce the legal limit and leveraged states to follow along by tying the issue to funding. Eventually, all 50 states complied.

Bars and stripes forever? South Carolina DUI patrols this weekend

For many people, the Fourth of July is a highlight of summer. The holiday is viewed as a great way to celebrate the country's founding alongside friends and family. After all of this revelry, however, South Carolina residents may want to do their best to avoid facing legal penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Test accuracy is essential in driving under the influence cases

When a breath test shows that a driver has a blood-alcohol concentration higher than legally allowable, officers conducting a traffic stop will not hesitate to take action. From the perspective of law enforcement, having results from blood alcohol tests, from breath or blood draw, might make it seem as though a guilty verdict is inevitable.

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