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September 2013 Archives

Drunk driving charges result after roadside workers are injured

When drivers in South Carolina are traveling through construction zones it is very important for them to keep an eye out for roadside construction workers. If they do not exercise the appropriate care and accidentally strike a worker, they may be faced with a civil or criminal charge, depending upon the situation. For example, a South Carolina driver that recently struck two roadside construction workers is facing drunk driving charges as a result of the accident.

Driver in South Carolina flees police; refuses breathalyzer

As previous posts in this blog have discussed, sometimes the authorities of South Carolina will set up sobriety checkpoints or put extra forces behind finding and arresting alleged drunk drivers. When a driver happens upon these checkpoints, they may feel nervous and react in an unexpected manner. It is possible that this is what happened to a South Carolina driver that approached a driver's license checkpoint on a Friday morning.

Student charged with felony DUI after frat brother's death

An outing that began as fun between friends ended in tragedy after a recent car accident that occurred in South Carolina. An 18-year-old South Carolina college student was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and his friend is being charged with felony DUI. This is an unfortunate turn of events for everyone involved in the incident.

High school coach charged with DUI after high breath test

When a resident of South Carolina has been pulled over by authorities for suspicion of drunk driving and charged with DUI, they are most likely experiencing many emotions. Some of these emotions may include fear, anger, hopelessness and much more. There are certain circumstances surrounding a DUI charge that could potentially intensify these feelings. One of those circumstances is when the individual has a high breath test.

South Carolina police officer charged with DUI in police cruiser

In every state across the country, the legal age to consume alcoholic beverages is 21. However, as most residents of South Carolina are likely aware, it is not legal to get behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle after consuming enough alcohol to bring the driver's blood alcohol content up to 0.08 or higher. If an individual operates a vehicle with this much alcohol in their system and they are either pulled over or get into a car accident, it is highly likely that they will be charged with DUI.

College student facing two felony DUI charges

Facing a criminal charge can be scary for the accused individual, no matter what the situation. However, the potential consequences for some criminal charges are more severe than others and theses serious penalties can have a lasting negative impact on the life of the defendant. When that defendant is a young college student, it may impact their entire livelihood for the rest of their life.

Man facing drunk driving charges after wreck that killed friend

As the summer comes to an end, many young adults are going out with their friends and getting in one last fun night before everyone goes their separate ways. Often times, these celebrations and get-togethers involve the consumption of alcohol. Although they are always meant to be a fun time, the unfortunately reality is that sometimes drinking with friends can end in disaster. This is what appears to have happened for a 21-year-old man in North Charleston, South Carolina.

South Carolina man facing charges for four counts of felony DUI

As previous postings in this blog have discussed, all criminal charges that result from driving while under the influence of alcohol have the potential for severe penalties and should be taken very seriously. Sometimes, when a driver gets behind the wheel after consuming what is considered too much alcohol according to South Carolina state laws, a car accident may occur.

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