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October 2013 Archives

Man charged with felony DUI after accident and high breath test

It is important that residents of South Carolina understand that no matter what the circumstances, facing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol is always a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. However, there are certain aspects of such charges that can increase the severity of these charges. One of those circumstances is a high breath test. Another is an accident that results in the severe bodily injury or death of another individual.

Man facing DUI charges for hitting daughter with minivan

Sometimes drinking and driving can have an impact that no one expected or intended. When this impact is tragic or catastrophic it is unfortunate for all parties involved, including the alleged drunk driver. Such a situation will often result in some form of DUI charges for the driver. Sometimes these charges manifest as a misdemeanor and sometimes as a felony. It all depends upon the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Man facing felony DUI charges after single car accident

Each year, too many South Carolina residents get behind the wheel of their vehicle to drive after consuming too much alcohol. What they unfortunately may not realize, whether or not they are aware that they should not be operating a motorized vehicle, is that this decision can have very serious penalties.

Some claim councilman's son should have been charged for DUI

Previous postings in this blog have discussed the ramifications involved in facing accusations of driving while intoxicated. Some of these postings have also discussed the potentially reputation-damaging consequences that a DUI charge can also have on the life of a person that works in the public eye.

Ladies' wine night ends in drunk driving charges for SC woman

Sometimes residents of South Carolina just need a night out with friends to get away from the stresses of their everyday lives. These gatherings are meant to be fun and carefree. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. If an individual drinks too many alcoholic beverages and then drives themselves home from one of these events, what began as a fun stress-free night with friends may end in drunk driving charges that could add even more stress to the life of the alleged drunk driver.

Woman facing felony DUI charges after accident that killed one

Sometimes, after a resident of South Carolina has consumed a couple of alcoholic beverages, they may feel fine to drive. The individual believes that they can get behind the wheel of their vehicle and make it safely to their ultimate destination without harming himself or herself or anyone else. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and an accident may occur as a result of this mistaken lapse in judgment. What is also unfortunate is that one honest mistake can result in a laundry list of negative impacts for that driver who honestly thought it would be safe for them to drive home.

South Carolina teen facing multiple felony DUI charges

Many parents in South Carolina may find it difficult to help their children understand that many of the decisions they make from the beginning of their teenage years can impact the rest of their lives in a positive or negative manner; depending upon the nature of the decision and the resulting outcome. One decision that can unfortunately have a long-lasting negative impact on the life of a teenager is the decision to drive while intoxicated.

Juvenile charged with felony DUI after South Carolina accident

When a car accident occurs and individuals are injured or, in the most unfortunate situations, killed, it is often the injured individuals and their families for which bystanders and outsiders have sympathy. However, car accidents are unfortunate for everyone that is involved. They are often times the result of a mistake or lapse in judgment.

Public figure in South Carolina charged with DUI

When an individual is facing allegations of committing a criminal act, it is always a serious situation that should be handled carefully, no matter the nature of the charges. However, if the person facing the allegations is a public figure or in the public eye in any way, the impact on their life can be negative in more than just a legal way. It could also negatively impact their reputation. For instance, a South Carolina sports anchor that was recently charged with DUI could potentially face this very unfortunately fate.

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