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November 2012 Archives

Summerville woman, 22, faces felony DUI after major crash

Police here in South Carolina take drunk driving arrests very seriously. This is, of course, because drunk driving does sometimes end tragically and various law enforcement authorities are tasked with preventing this. However, not everyone who is charged with a DUI deserves the consequences that come with a conviction, and even first-offense DUIs can result in severe penalties.

Fatal accident leads to felony DUI charges for South Carolina man

A charge of driving under the influence is almost always a situation that can be difficult and must be handled very carefully in order to obtain the most beneficial outcome for the defendant. However, the most difficult DUI cases usually involve circumstances that go beyond a typical drunk driving charge. When the circumstances cause the situation to become aggravated, it can often result in felony DUI charges.

South Carolina tractor driver arrested, charged with DUI

Residents of South Carolina may believe that even if alcoholic beverages have been consumed, it is safe to drive anything that is not a motorized vehicle typically driven on the roadways. However, this is not the case. DUI charges can result when individuals are behind the wheel of motorized vehicles other than a car, truck or semi.

South Carolina Police Officer Arrested On Suspicion of DUI

A South Carolina police officer was recently accused of DUI after crashing her Charleston squad car. The officer was driving shortly after midnight earlier this month when she lost control and wrecked the vehicle. Unfortunately, she sustained injuries in the accident and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Compounding her injuries, the officer may now face tough drunk driving charges and has been put on administrative leave without pay.

Felony DUI charges lead to prison sentences for two SC men

It is a scary and nerve-wracking situation when someone is pulled over by the police or, even worse, gets into an accident and finds him or herself facing charges for drunk driving. Any case involving DUI charges can have serious consequences that are life-altering for the accused. However, cases involving felony DUI charges can quickly become much more severe and may seem hopeless to the individual facing those charges. However, it is important for the accused to never lose hope and always explore the options for a strong defense.

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