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February 2014 Archives

Pass the breath test? DUI charges can be filed in South Carolina

Dealing with charges for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can sometimes be very complex. In many cases, South Carolina authorities rely on a Breathlyzer test as evidence of intoxication. At the same time, however, law enforcement officials may move forward with charges even if a person passes a breath test.

Random blood tests for impaired driving surveys raise concerns

Being pulled over by police officers -- under any circumstances -- is a stressful experience. Now, imagine being pulled over and asked to submit to a sobriety test for no apparent reason. Federal officials have been doing this since 1973 as part of the National Roadside Survey of Alcohol and Drugged Driving, and people are beginning to raise civil rights concerns.

South Carolina woman with DUI record facing felony DUI charges

There are numerous dangers involved in operating a motorized vehicle on the roadways of South Carolina, as there are in any state. Sometimes these dangers manifest in the form of weather or road conditions and other times they manifest as behaviors exhibited by a driver operating their vehicle. If these behaviors involve driving while intoxicated and an accident results, the alleged drunk driver may face DUI charges.

New legislation allows guns and alcohol on the same premises

As readers of this blog are aware, there have been numerous previous postings discussing the penalties residents may face if they drive their vehicle while under the influence of too much alcohol. Driving while intoxicated is likely the most common alcohol-related criminal charge issued to residents of South Carolina. However, recently passed legislation now leaves residents prone to being charged with a crime for having any blood alcohol level even when they are not behind the wheel of their car.

South Carolina man blows .18, also has beer and vodka in vehicle

In South Carolina, as in all states across the country, the legal limit for an adult's blood alcohol content while operating a motorized vehicle is .08. When their BAC level is above the legal limit, the individual may face drunk driving charges.

South Carolina man facing felony DUI charges after car accident

When a resident of South Carolina is pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, it is very likely that they will find themselves facing criminal charges. This is almost always a scary situation but a driver charged with a DUI may not even realize the full extent of the potential consequences. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the charges, these penalties may include the loss or suspension of professional licenses, loss of driving privileges for an extended period of time, loss of a commercial driver's license, jail time, monetary fines and more.

South Carolina's DOT director resigns after high breath test

As readers of this blog are likely aware from previous postings, the potential consequences for a drunk driving conviction can be very severe, and it is important to handle these cases very carefully. Residents of South Carolina may also be aware that the consequences of a high breath test may be even worse than those that an individual may face for a DUI charge resulting from a blood alcohol content of .08 to .15.

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