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August 2013 Archives

South Carolina police officer charged with DUI after car accident

When an individual is driving under the influence of alcohol in South Carolina, police officers are usually the ones to issue criminal charges. However, this does not mean that police officers cannot also be charged with DUI. DUI charges can have a potentially severe impact on anyone's life. However, it is unfortunate, but true that they may have an even more severe impact on the life and reputation of a police officer.

South Carolina authorities track most frequent DUI charge areas

Previous postings have discussed South Carolina's efforts to decrease the occurrence of drunk driving within the state. There are a variety of strategies that authorities are using to accomplish this goal, but a particularly interesting one has recently been released by the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety. The department's DUI enforcement team has released a map of the city that tracks the locations where the most drunk driving charges have been issued.

South Carolina law enforcement cracks down on drunk driving

The summer months are coming to an end but there is still one holiday right around the corner. That holiday is Labor Day. Often times when residents of South Carolina celebrate the holidays those celebrations include the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, when one consumes too much alcohol and then decides to get behind the wheel of their vehicle, they may end up facing DUI charges.

South Carolina teen facing felony DUI charges for 2012 accident

Numerous previous postings in this blog have discussed the severe impact that drinking and driving can have on the lives of all parties involved, even if getting behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol was simply an honest mistake. Most of those postings have discussed felony DUI charges resulting from the consumption of more alcohol than is legally allowed according to South Carolina law. In addition, many of these cases have involved individuals facing DUI charges later in life.

SLED Breathalyzer database back online; information not lost

Some residents of South Carolina may have heard about the July 5 lightning strike that took down the state's Law Enforcement Division's servers holding important information about drunk driving arrests. These computers hold video of certified breath test being given to suspects, as well as South Carolina's Breathalyzer records showing test results.

4 felony DUI counts for South Carolina driver in head-on accident

Charleston residents facing charges for driving while intoxicated are likely aware of the serious penalties that could result from a DUI conviction. Depending on the circumstances, however, the more serious charge of felony DUI may be filed by prosecutors.

Did judge incorrectly reduce sentence for drunk driving charges?

As this blog has discussed in the past, there are certain procedures that must be followed when someone is arrested on suspicion of DUI. When authorities do not follow these procedures , a defense attorney can sometimes obtain a reduction in the drunk driving charges.

Former South Carolina treasurer allegedly refused breath test

Previous postings in this blog have discussed the potentially reputation-damaging impacts that a DUI can have on an individual who is famous or is a public figure. Even if the person is no longer is a highly-visible position, it is not uncommon for them to still be scrutinized if they are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

Famous rapper pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving in SC

Many previous postings in this blog have discussed drivers that have been pulled over or gotten into an accident while their blood alcohol content is allegedly over the legal limit. Although the previous postings may make residents of South Carolina feel like these sorts of things only happen to everyday folk, that is not always the case. Some residents may have heard of the rapper DMX. He was recently pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving while traveling in South Carolina. As a result of the traffic stop this well-known rapper could potentially face drunk driving charges.

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